I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the start to your semester! For some of you, this is the start of your last semester in high school –– congratulations! The last semester of high school was a blast for me, and it’s a great time to enjoy the end of an amazing season of life with friends and family.

In addition to all the fun you’ll have your last semester of high school, it can be a stressful time because soon you will have to decide where you are going to college. I was having a conversation with a senior from my hometown who is looking at Biola. She loves Biola and everything Biola stands for, but the distance from home was a big factor in her decision process.

I can totally relate to why she might be feeling uneasy about moving across the country to go to school here. I remember getting on the plane with all of my stuff and the thoughts of doubt that came flooding in. It only got worse the day before move-in day. I hadn’t actually set foot on Biola’s campus yet because I was running errands for a variety of things for my dorm room. That day was so miserable because it was full of nerves and doubt.

As cliché as it sounds, all of those doubts went away when I got to Biola for move-in day. I felt at peace around campus, and I knew that Biola was where God wanted me to be. It felt like home. I didn’t choose Biola to move to California. A lot of people assume that I wanted to move away from Georgia but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Do I love the beaches? The lack of humidity? The mild “winter”? Absolutely. I love it, but the location was not my deciding factor when I chose Biola. My decision came down to three things: I loved what Biola was about, I believed Biola could get me to where I want to be as a man professionally and personally, and, finally, I felt at home at Biola.

This is my encouragement to you: Biola might be far, but it can feel like home. I’m typing this blog from my home in Georgia right now, but I cannot wait to be back in my second home at Biola.

I’m praying for you guys as you enter into this season of making a very tough decision! Personally, I hope you choose Biola because Biola is AMAZING, but I understand whatever decision you make will be well thought out and covered in prayer. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Weekly Recap:

I’ve been busy despite being on a break! I am taking an online nutrition class, so that requires a decent amount of work each day. Also, I’ve been studying some good ol’ biblical Greek to get ahead for the semester. In addition to school work, I’ve just been hanging out with family and friends, going on some terribly painful runs and watching Lost on Netflix. Fun fact: before break, I had never watched an episode of any show on Netflix before, but now I am watching far too much of it… I understand the addiction. Why do they have that feature where it suggests the next episode in the bottom right corner? My self control is being tested, and I have failed. I just need to finish the series, so I can get back to a normal existence!

Praying for you guys! Reach out whenever with questions about me or about Biola!