Your first year in college is kind of like having your first kid: You don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t get any sleep, and it causes a lot of stress and anxiety.

However, like having a baby, it’s one of the biggest and most rewarding opportunities to earn in your life. And (from what I hear), it gets easier after the first one, or first year.

I’m single and have no kids, so I’m not sure exactly what it’s like to have a child, but I am halfway through my first year of college so please allow me to share with you, my blogdience, a few of my experiences from the first chapter of my college endeavors.


The First Month

The first month of college can be a bit rough. Although there are ways to prepare yourself for college, I don’t think anyone can be truly ready for all that will change during this new season.

Some challenges for me included balancing various time commitments, living 500 miles away from my family, and being engulfed in a completely new social environment.

Even though these challenges were very… challenging, they were some of the most valuable experiences I’ve had. There is something about being on your own that provides so many opportunities to learn, and this was true for me, especially in the first few weeks.


When it comes to being on time, remembering deadlines, and being prepared, I had a lot to learn –– the hard way. I missed meetings with counselors and coworkers, I forgot about important assignments, and I was (and probably still am)the worst studier (also my roommate bought a PS4... that didn’t help). Altogether, failing in a few areas led to immense improvement in character and responsibility. I learned so much about myself and where I fall short that I was able to strive for growth in those areas more effectively. Altogether, I became a more responsible person (even though I’m still pretty irresponsible).

Hard Work Pays Off

This was one of the most valuable lessons I have learned so far. The moment I finished my last final exam in my public communication class, it hit me that I finally had a significant period to rest. As I sit in my own home over winter break, I don’t have to worry about spending up to 8 hours on homework and assignments. Putting in good effort yields valuable skills as well as a certain sweetness and richness that inspires you to work harder when it’s time to go back.

Relationships > Grades

Grades are very important. VERY. They determine a lot about your future. A huge reason you go to college is to pursue good grades. However, if you don’t invest in relationships with others, you might find yourself burnt out and lonely, like I sometimes did.

The relationships I had with people definitely brought me peace as well as many great memories. My roommate, friends, coworkers, teachers, and counselors all helped to keep me sane in those moments when I felt like throwing my laptop off a parking structure.

Being in college is difficult, especially when some of the responsibilities are so unfamiliar and unexpected.

For me, Biola has been an environment that’s prompted growth in many areas, despite how overwhelming this new environment has been.

I hope your Christmas was super awesome, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Biola Blogger Blakey Bell