Hey everyone,

There are many different ways in which we experience change. When we start at a new school, get a new job, experience a crazy event, or even go through a long stretch of time without much change, we become different people as we develop and grow.

As you may have guessed (and maybe feared), a person’s time in college is considered by many to be one of the biggest seasons of personal change. It’s a time where young adults are able to live on their own, sometimes far from home, to experience the world and begin their journey through the adult life.

There are a few specific ways that I have experienced very significant (and sometimes somewhat intense) growth and personal change that is both common to most college students and yet unique to those who choose to go to Biola. I hope I am able to give you a little taste of the crazy yet awesome way you can be stretched and developed at Biola!


Having freedom in college is one of the more mysterious ways I have changed as a person. At first, I thought this freedom would mean all sorts of new ways I could “live it up,” by doing things like staying up all night. It was actually different than I expected. I grew in a different way, through taking on different new responsibilities such as managing my own schedule, staying disciplined about keeping my room, dishes, and self clean, and remembering to feed myself. All the advice, meals, gas money, etc. that my parents previously took care of were suddenly now up to me, and it took a little while for me to actually get the hang of it. All in all, I’m still learning, but experiencing this transition has allowed me to become a more responsible and capable person.


Another significant area of change I have seen in myself is regarding my future career. When I first entered Biola with my major “undeclared,” the only major I had considered was Engineering Physics.

Being exposed to all the different opportunities at Biola caused me to consider things like Biblical Studies (a consideration impacted by the fact that I chose Biblical Greek as my foreign language credit), Business, Psychology, and a few others. There were even times when I considered leaving Biola due to how much my uncertainty led me to consider different options.

Ultimately, I was led to an option I never would have guessed: Computer Science! Processing my future at Biola--with so many good options, and with so much support from others--led me to something that I hadn’t considered before, but that has already been incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

FYI, you can spend a solid amount of time without declaring a major. Check out a blog I wrote last year about being undecided.


Even though it may seem obvious that one of Biola’s main strong suits is its Bible curriculum, the way I have been shaped and stretched by learning about God and his word has by far been the richest source of change that I have undergone in my time here. I have explored most of the content in the Bible, learned how to read and interpret the Bible,become grounded in some of the core beliefs and philosophies pertaining to God for Christians, realized how to think rightly about God and other doctrines relating to him, and so much more. Learning so much about God amidst both difficult and stressful seasons, as well as joyful seasons, has transformed me in ways I can’t truly explain.

Lots of change will happen in your life wherever you go to college, but I hope you choose to make Biola the place where it happens! I promise, you’ll leave Biola a better person than you were when you arrived.


Blogger Blakey Bell

Photo by Sara Rolin.