Hey friends!

Hope you are doing well. So, I understand that a lot of you guys have already decided 100% that you are coming to Biola, which is AMAZING! I want to start directing my blogs towards you guys. I put down my deposit at this point last year, and I had a lot of questions still! They weren't like technical questions that could be answered on the phone with an ambassador, but they were just questions about what everyday life looked like at Biola. So I want to address some of those questions! Today, I want to focus on chapels!

Chapels have been so fun and also transformative for me. As a student, we are required to attend 20 units of chapel in a semester. I know… I know… That can seem daunting, but I have been so surprised by how easy it is to achieve that number. I am at 17 chapels with about 6-7 weeks left.

There are few reasons why it has seemed so easy to go to chapel. The first being that there is so much variety in the different chapels. From traditional chapels with worship and a message, to prayer focused chapels, to Spanish chapels, to all worship chapels, there are a plethora of chapels at all times of the day. This is so amazing because I can go whenever I want. There have been a few times I have been SO busy that it hasn’t been possible to go, which is no big deal because there will always be a chapel when I am free!

Secondly, it is easy to go to chapel because they are just AMAZING. I definitely do not take this for granted. Coming from a Christian high school, my weekly required chapel was often a snoozer, and no one really wanted to be there. It was often a tough environment to worship and be spiritually engaged, and honestly, I expected the same when I heard Biola offered chapel. That quickly changed when I visited for the first time. I went to an all worship chapel on Sunday nights called Singspiration (Singspo for short), and it was absolutely incredible! To be able to see the Biola community go for it in worship was so inspiring. I figured that the students would not take their Christian faith as seriously as the faculty and administration did, but I was so wrong. The students here genuinely want to grow in their faith , and that desire to know Him better makes chapels an amazing place to grow.

My last encouragement to you is to view chapels as an opportunity not a chore. I’ve been blown away at chapels even when I think that “I am getting credit to be here.” It is such a privilege to worship, learn from, and grow with this community. Biola chapels are incredible, so do not stress about fulfilling your chapel requirement!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Have a great week!