Hey, Hello and Hi!

Snow much fun. Snow many of my favorite people. Snow much rest.

Snow. And lots of it, too.

Happiest Friday to you!

This magical six week break is about to wrap up and classes start up in a handful of days, but here’s to choosing to focus on the right now rather than over-thinking about what’s to come. This break, I got the chance to do a bit of travelling just for kicks, and one of the places I went was Brianhead, Utah!

Brianhead 5.JPG

A few friends and I hopped in the car and before the sun was up, headed up to a friend’s cabin in Brianhead and –– my goodness –– what a dream it was! It was a place to be able to: 1. Be with many of my favorite people 2. Literally live the winter dream, looking at the the sparkling snow while the fire kept us warm inside 3. Play a million board and card games and, of course, 4. Rest up!

If you only take one thing away from this post, let it be that rest is necessary and essential. Take time to step away, read that book you’ve been wanting to read, go to the beach, spend the day in L.A. with friends, sleep in without an alarm, put off your to-do list for one day, or stay in your pajamas all day. Do whatever you need to do to refresh because the busyness that is all too typical of our lives is draining and exhausting!


Which, I totally get. So, here’s to the best few days, resting up and catching up in the most beautiful place! Since I couldn’t bring you all along with me, I captured a few moments and left them here for you!

Happy resting! And happy almost February!