Hey everyone,

I know that there's an assumption that when you get to college all you do is work and then more work and then even more work, but that’s not entirely true. College actually gives you a lot of free time to fill with whatever you can, such as: a job, homework, studying, shopping, checking out coffee shops, and taking cool weekend trips! I want to tell you about a weekend trip that I just took.

It was my birthday weekend, and my parents wanted to do something with me that weekend. It was my choice. That was a little hard because there are so many little things nearby that can be done. I wanted to do something fun and inexpensive, so I started to piece together fun ideas. I wanted to go with the family… I really like baseball… HEY! What about going to watch a San Diego Padres game at Petco Park? What a great and realistic idea!

My parents loved the idea, so after finding a cheap deal on tickets, we set off. San Diego is only about an hour and a half away, so the drive was not bad at all. My dad was driving, so I took the opportunity to take a little post-birthday nap on the way there.

One thing I love about Petco Park, the baseball stadium, is that it is built in the middle of a city. I personally think that that stadium is one of the nicest in the MLB, so I was in love walking around and seeing all of the views and seats and architecture. The most stressful part of the day was trying to decide which hat I liked best, even though I didn’t buy any. The Padres ended up getting destroyed by the Dodgers (which I am okay with), and I ended up getting free cotton candy as I was leaving because they wanted to get rid of it. So overall, I would say that it was a pretty good trip and another fun weekend. This is just one of so many opportunities in Biola's backyard!