Hey guys!

It’s a sad day… I'm writing my final blog to you all. I hope along this journey you have gotten to know me better, had some of your questions answered, and gotten insight into daily life at Biola, which hopefully helped you in your college decision.

To the seniors coming to Biola, we are so excited to have you. I had such high expectations coming to Biola, and they were exceeded. To the underclassmen still weighing your college decision, it’s going to be ok! There are so many great colleges out there. It’s like deciding between cookies and brownies for dessert. It’s a tough choice, but there is no wrong decision! To the out-of-state students, I have been there. Moving far away is scary, but you can do it! Trust in the Lord, and trust in where He has led you! To the people not coming to Biola, it has been an honor to be a part of your journey in some capacity.

My journey as a blogger has been so fruitful for me. It’s been a blessing to reflect weekly on my Biola experience. This year, I have learned the importance of reflection. My mentor encouraged me to start journaling about where I am at and what is happening in life daily (yes… like a diary). It has been beneficial because it allows me to take off a facade that everything is ok and to truly evaluate how I am feeling. Blogging for you guys has had a similar effect on me. Each week I am able to reflect on how I am feeling, what I want to say to you about my week, and what I am thankful for about Biola. I encourage you to start reflecting often in life. It forces you to slow down and helps you not miss what is in front of you.

Finally, I just want to let you know that we genuinely care about you all. Interacting with you all on visits, over the phone, or even on this blog has been such a privilege for me. Your college decision will affect so much of who you are, and I truly believe there is no place that will form and mold who you are better than this University. Biola will grow you in mind, body, and spirit. College is such a formative time for the rest of our lives, and I am thankful to be molded into a life of faithfulness to the Lord at Biola. I am passionate about seeing others enjoy what I have enjoyed. I love Biola, and I know you will too.

If you see me around next year, please say hello and introduce yourself! I love meeting new friends! Thank you guys for everything!

In Christ,
Chris M