Hey, Hello and Hi!

Here’s the thing, I love weekdays here at Biola, I really do. There are few things that compare to the hustle and bustle that is happening around campus (at seemingly all hours) while students head to class, professors teach classes, and faculty continues to make sure Biola continues to run as it always has.

Often times, when I refer to my week, I am primarily referring to Monday through Thursday, considering those are the days that I have class and most of my other commitments on campus. It’s rare to walk from point A to point B without running into a sweet friend, passing a favored professor or simply exchanging a smile with someone you always see around campus but haven’t had the chance to formally meet quite yet. All that to say, weekdays are full of meals with friends, classes with our ridiculously brilliant professors and catching up on what needs to be done.

But, there’s also something so special and wonderful about spending a little time in the surrounding area of Biola! That being said, it’s only fitting that I tell you that a fellow blogger, Bella (also, very dear friend!), and I took a trip up to one of my very favorite places this weekend –– Los Angeles!


Naturally, our day began with one of the most delicious lattes I’ve yet to enjoy and catching up on our to-do lists. I spent a bit of time chatting with an elementary school teacher, who also studied at Biola, who is teaching in the same socio-economic region that I’m interested in pursuing. (Which, I assure you, was nothing short of the most wonderful and affirmative time.) Once our cups were empty and our stomachs seemed to match suit, so we took a little trip to one of our all-time favorite dinner spots, Sweetgreen. I’m a sucker for a quality salad and that’s exactly what Sweetgreen specializes in! Once our stomachs and hearts were entirely content, we leisurely wandered throughout the surrounding area.

Let me tell ya, it was dreamy.


While the list of things that I adore about Biola often times is lengthy, location is certainly up there in my top 3. The following morning, I was even able to venture off to another, truly neat, spot to put my feet up for a bit and refresh! I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful weekend nor a more wonderful university to come back to. I wish nothing more than that you find yourself some time to kick your feet up, enjoy a freshly made latte (or tea, whichever you prefer!) and soak in all the goodness around you!