To all my film people: LISTEN UP

I want to spend a little time talking about the film program we have here at Biola. Some of you may be thinking: “Biola has a film program?” Well you’re diddly-darn right we do and a great one at that. Both CMA (cinema and media arts) faculty and students are passionate about creating honest and powerful content.

Hollywood and the media industry can seem like a godless place. But if this industry is so godless, doesn’t that give us more incentive to bring Christ to the movie industry?! At Biola, we strive to bring God into the workplace, no matter what field. This, however, does not mean that our goal is to only adapt our favorite Christian book into a movie. Film professors teach their students that sometimes shielding their eyes from the world is ignoring their duty as Christians. They encourage and challenge students to tell honest stories.
Being so close to LA, Biola has countless internship opportunities at its fingertips. To name a few, students from Biola have worked at: Pixar, ABC Network, Warner Brothers, National Geographic Channel, and Disney Studios. In addition to having numerous connections, the Biola CMA program is respected in the entertainment community. So many of the production companies we work with give amazing feedback about how well-equipped the interns from Biola are. The faculty in this program strive to prepare you with the essential tools to thrive in Hollywood’s cut-throat environment.
This week, for my cinematography class, we shot a scene that one of my classmates was inspired to recreate. We utilized “Studio A” in the Production Center right here on Biola’s campus. The production center is available to all film students and includes editing bays, audio recording rooms, studios, screening rooms and, of course, the E.R. (equipment room). At the E.R., students are able to rent out high quality cameras, camera equipment, lights and much, much more. What’s great about having this resources is that film students are able to use top-of-the-line equipment to create beautiful content without tearing through your savings account. If you are familiar with cameras, Biola’s E.R. has two RED cameras that are available for check out. The RED camera was used to film movies such as “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” “The Martian,” and “Straight Outta Compton.”
You can see the process behind our shoot we produced in class (and the surrounding events of my day) below in my snapchat story!

Just a heads up, the Biola film program requires an application, so get those in by February 1st!

See ya,