Hello, all you perfect human beings!

For this blog (don’t mind me breaking the fourth wall here), I thought I would talk about a very memorable experience that I had during my second semester last year. This particular moment happened during a transmedia class that was offered for cinema and media arts students. In a nutshell, transmedia teaches about all forms of media, spanning from the beginning of time with the phonograph to new virtual reality equipment being developed today. The class was so awesome; I was able to do so much technological work that I never thought I would have the privilege of even trying. I made video games, virtual reality videos, designed a 3D layout and printed it on a 3D printer, and so much more. For our final project, we had to make anything that we learned throughout the semester in larger form. It was expected that we should spend at least 10 hours working on our final project. I decided to create an EPK (electronic press kit) for an award winning short film that I made the semester before (that’s another story for another blog!). Essentially, an EPK describes a film through an artistic, graphic format.

Screenshot (4).png

I didn’t really know what direction to go when I started, so I just started posting pictures on a black background and went to work from there. After finding good pictures (like my headshot) and deciding what section was going to be what, the ball was rolling. The film stills naturally had a pink-ish tint to them, so it brought a lot of color to the pages with black backgrounds. I was becoming so invested in making this project. Because I was both the creator of the film and the EPK, I was having a blast writing all the content and incorporating as much things as I could. I had a vision when the project started and, for the first time, was able to go beyond what I originally envisioned. One addition that I made was to add augmented reality bits to all the pictures (something else we learned in class). You could see the pictures no matter what, but if you downloaded an app then all the pictures started moving. I was so happy with this project that I couldn’t wait to show it off to the class the next day.

When I got to class, I was speechless looking at other people’s projects. They all made such amazing, unique final products! Some people made huge 3D prints, websites and logos, and even video games. This whole experience will always stand out in my college memories because, not only did it stretch my knowledge and expertise in technology, but it was my favorite project that I’ve worked on! These little experiences make me appreciate how much time the professors put into their work to make their students feel special. I know for a fact that everyone left that class with a smile on their face and love for that class.

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