Hello beautiful people from the Internet! I pray that you all had a lovely Thanksgiving break. Hopefully it was full of rest and relaxation. I know mine was, but if you’re like some students, you were probably catching up on some homework. Don’t worry –– I was in the same boat, rowing along the sea of assignments. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of writing my hermeneutics paper over the break.

“What is a hermeneutics paper?” you ask. Well, allow me to explain. It’s basically an essay where you take a passage of Scripture and interpret it. Throughout the semester, our professor equipped us with all of the interpretive methods to understand Scripture clearly. We used commentaries and Bible dictionaries from the library to find deeper insights about the verse we chose. After I overcame my habit of procrastinating, this essay proved to be the most rewarding paper I’ve ever written. And to think I was ever worried about the Bible minor in the first place.

Like most transfer students, I was a bit wary of how the minor in biblical and theological studies was going to fit into my graduation plan. While in community college, I worked through most of my general education courses. When the time came to transfer, I was ready to work on my upper divisions. Before Biola, I'd never even considered adding a minor on top of my degree. But let me tell you, it’s been the greatest blessing I could’ve received in my educational career.

As Biola students, we get to take thirty units of Bible courses in addition to our major courses. The minor includes classes like Biblical Interpretation & Spiritual Formation, Jesus’ Life and Ministry, and Theology. Even though I grew up in a Christian home, these classes have taught me far more about my faith in a single semester than I could've learned on my own. Our homework assignments are intentionally designed to provide us with a solid foundation for our faith, equipping us to integrate it into whatever field we pursue. The professors are the greatest. They open up space to explore and ask questions.

The Bible minor is more than extra letters on your degree. It’s more than thirty units. It’s a lifelong imprint on your relationship with Christ, and it’s more than worth it.

If you ever have any questions about things such as my experience as a transfer student or the Bible courses, let me know!