Hey everyone!

So today, I’ve got some sad news to share with all of you: lack of sleep, does in fact, end up catching up with you. And unfortunately for me, the lack of sleep caught up with me this past weekend. Friday night I got very sick with what I believe was a mixture of exhaustion and food poisoning. Maybe it was just some funky chicken nuggets, but I’ll also blame it on the consistently poor nights of sleep I’d been getting the previous three weeks. So instead spending my weekend doing nothing but resting for the first time in a while, I spent my weekend recovering from getting sick on Friday night. This weekend was honestly just one of those humble reminders that no matter how much you think you are in control of what happens in your life, you really can’t stop certain things from happening, no matter how careful you think you are. It was also a humble reminder that our bodies aren’t as rock solid as we would hope they would be a lot of the time.

Despite getting sick, there were still a few highlights in my weekend. First, the sunset on Saturday night looked like this:


Now you might be thinking, “Jeremy, if you were recovering from being sick, you shouldn’t be out and about, you should’ve been resting.” Well that leads to the second highlight. I was only out because I was on one of Biola’s magical experiences known as a GYRAD. What is a GYRAD? It stands for “Get Your Roommate A Date.” So basically, what happens is that you let your roommate find you a date (or you ask your roommate to ask a specific person for you) and your whole floor goes on a huge group date. Some floors go to pumpkin patches, some play broomball, others have scavenger hunts, but my floor went mini-golfing. There are generally two camps of opinions on how a GYRAD should be if you don’t already have a boyfriend or girlfriend. The first is that it can actually be a serious date, so you might want to invite that special someone you are interested in. The second is that it shouldn’t be taken super seriously, so you should just invite a friend that you know you’d have fun with. Personally, I’m more in the second camp, so I had my roommate invite a close friend so there wouldn’t be any pressure to impress her or any awkward stuff like that.

Despite not feeling 100%, I had a great time. And I’ll take some liberties and put it in writing that she had an even better time than I did because –– let’s be honest –– I’d be a pretty rad GYRAD (haha puns). I personally think that unless you are already dating someone, it’s just easier to go with a friend on your GYRAD. It definitely would’ve been a lot more awkward using all of the cheesy, Christian pick-up lines on a girl I was trying to impress.

Since we went golfing, I made sure to dress the part. I think we looked pretty good out on those putt-putt greens, so here’s a picture from Saturday night:


In the end, this random sickness wasn’t able to ruin my weekend. Always remember that even when things don’t go your way, you can always find something good in your circumstances.

Psalm 59:16-17

You guys rock!