Hello again,

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! I love being able to be around family and play board games for a whole day, and I hope you loved your time as well. However, now that Thanksgiving has come to pass it is time to get serious and talk about Christmas. One event that Biola puts on during Christmas time is an event called Deck the Haven. In a nutshell, Deck the Haven is an event where the entire dorm floor (Haven) decorates each room and the whole hallway in fun, creative Christmas themes. The best way that I could describe it would be: Disneyland in a dorm hallway. It is such a fun event and luckily for me, I live on Haven and I’m able to participate in creating this event for the whole university. Yes, that is me in that picture below.


For my room, my roommate and I decided to recreate and Indiana Jones adventure through a Christmas themed temple complete with booby traps and maybe some snakes as well. Now what does that mean for us? Well, that means that we are redesigning our entire room to look like a temple, so we moved all the furniture out (except the mattresses and dressers) and started to redecorate the walls to look rustic and jungle-themed. It’s such an exciting feeling being able to see everyone working on their rooms. When I came back from Thanksgiving break, I walked onto the hallway and saw everyone doing work in the hall with Christmas music blasting and wrapping paper everywhere. There’s no greater way to get into the Christmas spirit than seeing that beautiful sight.
I also thought that I would help out by creating a few commercials for Deck the Haven this year, so the video on the facebook page is one that I made with three other people that live on the floor. I was inspired by these panda cheese commercials that I saw on the internet one day. I thought it would be fun to incorporate that with a Christmas theme, so enjoy and Merry Christmas! I will make sure to bring more information about Deck the Haven next time as well.

God Bless,