Pix and Pizza is not only the perfect combo to make for a great Saturday night, but it’s also the name of an event at Biola put on by Biola’s Student Missionary Union (or SMU, as we Biolans affectionately call it).

Just to give some context, SMU is actually the largest student-led missions organization in the United States! Every Spring, SMU puts on the world’s largest and longest running student-led conference on the topic of missions, which means classes are cancelled for three days and we get to hear awesome stories from missionaries and inspiring messages from speakers on what it means to live missionally. Seriously, what could be better?! Here’s a picture from last year’s Missions Conference.

In addition, every winter and summer, SMU sends out teams consisting of Biola students on missions trips all over the world! If you’d like to know more about SMU’s mission, you can check out their website!
This past summer, I was privileged to go on a mission trip through SMU to work in East Asia with 6 other girls from Biola. This is my team!


Okay, back to the pizza.
Like I was saying, Pix and Pizza is an event that SMU puts on each Fall and Spring semesters where all the students who participated in mission trips the previous summer or winter breaks share stories of how God worked in each region during their trips! The teams bring pictures and tell stories while everyone eats pizza (wut wut for free food)!
As the 8 new SMU teams prepare to go out in a few weeks to bring the Gospel and the love of Christ to people all over the world (Israel, Romania, and South East Asia, to name a few trips! Ugh, so exciting!!), I decided to reflect a little on my Pix and Pizza experience from earlier this semester.
This past summer, Biola sent teams to Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, and East Asia. All 31 students that were sent out by SMU shared their stories, and hundreds of students that came out to the event got to hear about the amazing ways in which God worked.
When it was my turn to share at Pix and Pizza, I showed this picture and shared how a friend that I made in Asia heard the Good News for the first time in her life, believed, and accepted Jesus as her Savior (*glory party*)!


Knowing that I would be talking in front of a large crowd that day, I had asked God to show me what to say and guide my words to encourage and inspire other Biola students to go on missions.
The day after Pix and Pizza, a girl on my floor told me how my story had inspired her so much that she now wants to go on missions! God is so good! I am so thankful that He uses our small steps of faithfulness to change others’ lives! And I sincerely hope that this testimony has in some way inspired you to carry out the great commission, too, because seriously you guys, your lives will be changed, along with the many people that you encounter along the way.
I am beyond grateful that I get to spend my college years in a community that cares so deeply about the lost, prioritizes missions, and is excited to take part in what God is doing around the world!
Anyways, till next week, have a wonder-filled week!