Life with a Roommate

One of my biggest questions coming into Biola was what is it going to look like to live with a roommate. For me, I have always lived in my own room, so this was going to be an adjustment. As a prospective student, I was very nervous that I would not like my roommate and that living with someone would be a challenge. I was irrational in the sense that I only imagined the worst possible, catastrophic pairing when I envisioned my roommate. In actuality, I’ve been able to room with the most amazing guy.

Here’s how the process works to decide who you room with once you decide to come to Biola. Once you enroll as a student in late spring, you will fill out a housing application. In that application, you will have the chance to select your dorm preference and roommate. When selecting a roommate, you can put a name down of someone that you already know and want to room with, or you can opt for a random roommate assignment. If you choose a random roommate, you fill out questionnaire that Biola Housing will use to match you with a roommate that will be a good match for you. Although I’m sure there are people at Biola who haven’t enjoyed their roommate situation, most people I know have thoroughly enjoyed the roommate they were paired with randomly. Even if you don’t become best friends with your roommate, the questionnaire ensures that you will be matched with someone who will be a good fit to live with.


For me, I’ve made some interesting adjustments now that I am living with someone. From doing homework while my roommate is asleep (which is a rarity because he goes to bed even later than me most nights) to sharing food, I’m learning a lot by living with my roommate. That’s honestly why I am loving life at Biola so much. Yes, I am growing intellectually in the classroom, but I am also growing relationally with this person. We’ve been able to walk through different challenges together. He has given me advice and counsel in a variety of different areas. I have also been able to walk through some pretty tough times with him. It’s been amazing to live with someone, who shares the same belief in Christ, because we’ve been able to grow together and encourage one another in a variety of circumstances.

My roommate, Josh, is an answer to prayer. I stressed so much about who I would room with, and yet God had already hand picked who I would room with. From walking through struggles to late night In-N-Out runs, God has blessed me with an incredible person to go through my freshman year with. He is exactly what I needed this year. My encouragement to you is to not stress about who you will room with, and to trust God that He will provide like He did for me.

Weekly Update


This past week has been so hectic, but it’s probably been my best week at Biola to date. Last week was Torrey Conference, which is a conference that Biola puts on each fall. We had classes Monday and Tuesday full of midterms and papers, so it was definitely stressful. Once those classes were done, we had Torrey Conference, which was an amazing chance to refocus on God after a stressful few days. Once Torrey was over, most students leave campus to visit home or go off on a trip with friends over the long weekend. For my long weekend, I went down to Irvine (south of Biola) for my sister’s wedding. My sister, Alex, went to Biola, where she met Luke. It was so awesome celebrating the love that they have for one another. The wedding was so special and sentimental, especially to have my entire extended family in town to celebrate Alex.


Once my family flew out Sunday morning, I went back to Biola. I walked into my room to see it completely transformed and decorated for my 19th birthday. A bunch of my friends gave me cards and food to celebrate. A group of us went to church and to lunch. After hanging out all day, Jeremy, a fellow blogger, and Josh, my awesome roommate, took me to dinner where I was surprised by ten to fifteen other friends. It was so special to have a long weekend with my family and then to spend my birthday with my new Biola family. Life is good! God is even better!

If you have any questions about my life or about Biola, feel free to reach out to me! I would love to hear from you!