Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I’m beyond ecstatic to finally be home with my family. Living almost 1,000 miles away from home, I try to make every trip back home to Oregon memorable in some way. The picture above is a quick snapshot I got when I was on the plane and about to land in Portland! This year, I flew home a little earlier than most people just so I could have a little extra time with my family. My older sister picked me up from the airport, and we met my parents and little sister for dinner in downtown Portland. We ate at a popular Americanized Vietnamese restaurant called Luc Lac and then walked around downtown for a little bit. Here’s a little selfie with my family in Pioneer Place, a shopping mall in Portland!

Despite feeling like I am losing all circulation in my body because it is so cold (at least compared to Southern California), it’s so great to finally be back in my home state. I love Oregon and all of the memories that I have here. Yes, it’s cold and I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, but Oregon will always have a special place in my heart because of all the memories that I have here. My friends and family in Oregon have been with me for as long as I can remember and I can’t wait to hang out with them during this upcoming week. I’ve made some plans to grab meals and catch up, go to my favorite coffee shop, maybe shop a little bit on Black Friday, but most of all, I’m just excited to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with my family. My mom loves to cook and so she pretty much cooks a buffet every time we host a dinner party. In addition to the classic Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.), we will also be having a plethora of Vietnamese food. I’m not sure how my stomach will handle all of this food, but I might have to walk back to Biola to burn off all of the calories… just kidding. I’d freeze and it’d cost too much money to cancel my flights back to California.

Anyways, I hope your Thanksgiving week is full of joy and your stomachs are full of food. I know mine will be. I’m thankful for my family and friends, for my job and education, and for a roof over my head and the clothes on my back. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season?