Sup friends,

If you couldn't already tell from my previous posts or my introduction, I’m a Cinema and Media Arts major at Biola. You might be thinking to yourself, “This guy says that he’s a film major, but he’s only written blogs. Has he even done anything significant as a film major yet?” Well, since you asked, I actually made a Biola award-winning short film last year for a class project. The project was to create a silent film showcasing visual techniques we learned throughout the semester. It was a challenge to come up with a good idea because I love writing dialogue, but this assignment pushed me to become more creative and work outside my comfort zone. After a great collaborative effort, I am proud to be able to show it today. Enjoy!

This project was exciting to work on and, to this day, was the best film set I’ve worked on. The short film is called First Date and it’s a silent film shot at Biola with Biola equipment! I know I teased it in my other blog about the EPK that I made, but this is the real deal, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this 3 minute film that my good friends David, Orion, and I made.
See you next week!