Hello! I cannot believe that I have the opportunity to be one of Biola’s bloggers this year! To start out, my name is Chantel. I’m a sophomore, transfer student and it’s my first semester here at Biola. For the past four years, I have lived up north in Sacramento, California, and I attended one of the community colleges there. It feels like a dream that I am finally here at Biola, since it’s been my dream school since I was twelve years old. My major is cinema and media arts (aka film) with an emphasis in screenwriting, so I will probably share with you some of my projects throughout the year. My hope is that I’ll be able to provide you with a glimpse into what it’s like being a student at Biola, and my prayer is that you would let God lead you in your college search. To start this year out, I thought I’d share about one of my first dorm events and the community in my dorm, Blackstone.

The plan was to leave at 4pm in order to make it to the studio by 5pm. Our super amazing resident advisor (who is like the big sister for our floor) had planned for my floor, along with our brother floor, to go to a live taping of the CBS sitcom Mom. Underestimating LA traffic, the fifteen of us arrived nearly a half hour too late. Typically, this kind of disappointment is met with complaining and bickering, but to my surprise, the group’s response was so encouraging. No one was pointing fingers at each other. Sure we were pretty bummed that our original plan didn’t pan out, but it was as though everyone was more excited to be in each other’s company, than go see the show. Embracing spontaneity, we drove to Griffith Observatory, an astronomy museum that overlooks LA, instead and enjoyed the sunset. It was refreshing to be with a group of people who were genuinely just seeking out community like me.

When I arrived at Biola, I was unsure of how I was going to be able tackle the next phase of my education. Everything was new –– the classes, the culture, and especially the people. I was anxious about the newness of it all, but so many amazing men and women have been placed in my life that I already feel at home, only three weeks into the semester.

As a transfer student, I came from a community college of 33,000 students. I’d grown accustomed to only being on campus for class and work, but not for any other involvement. My college was all school with no community. Coming to Biola has been the best shock to my system. I’ve been incredibly favored to have gained a family in the same place that I’m learning. I am excited to take on the next nine months with my Biola crew!