Hey there!

It feels like forever since I’ve written to you guys. I mean, technically, it’s only been a week longer than usual, but it still feels like a long time. I’m excited to share some of my thoughts with you!

The two times that I’ve been with my family this semester, I’ve thought a lot about the idea of “home.” Last week, as I’m sure you all know, was Thanksgiving, and I had the opportunity to go visit my family in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s not the place where I most strongly identify with the most, but I would call it home based on the fact that my family and house are there. This was my first time back in Texas since I moved to Biola, and it was kind of surreal if I’m being honest. Seeing old friends, driving on familiar roads, and doing homework in my favorite coffee shops.


I cherished my time in Texas so greatly because I’m not there that often anymore. It was nice to see and be surrounded by familiar faces and places, but I wasn’t upset to leave. Don’t get me wrong –– I was upset to leave my family because I always miss them, but I don’t miss Texas in the way that I thought I would.

What I’m trying to get at is that last week was kind of like an escape from reality. I left everything that I had known in the last three months for just a few days. In general, there’s a long list of places I used to live, but I don’t think this feeling just applies to my experience. I believe that once you are in college and living on your own (apart from your family), anytime you go back home will feel like an escape from reality. Yes, a good one, but an escape nonetheless. And the reality about escaping from reality for a few days is that you always have to come back. You always have to get back into the mindset of homework and being productive, especially after a week filled with eating a lot of good food and, in the case of being in Texas, watching a lot of good football. Since I’ve traveled a ton, I knew that this was the case, so I made sure to get a lot of homework done during my free time.

When it comes to escaping your current reality to go spend time with the people you love, it’s always good (even when there’s bickering at the dinner table on Thanksgiving because your crazy uncle said something insensitive — family is family and they’re a blessing). I had an amazing time relaxing and laughing with my family, and I love and miss them a lot. Here’s the typical family picture that we took on Thanksgiving day.


Thankfully, Thanksgiving break is only three weeks before Christmas break, so I get to escape again and see them in only a few short weeks.

Thanks for reading!