The idea of “chapel” was foreign to me as an incoming student. I come from a public community college background where faith was most definitely not an integral part of the education provided. So if you are like me, then chapel is probably something that you are not super familiar with. If you aren’t like me and you have your PhD in chapel studies, then keep reading for insight into Biola’s chapel culture.

For those of you who may not know, chapels are services of prayer, teaching and worship that range anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour and each of them come in different formats. For instance, Wednesday mornings feature speakers who touch on topics regarding diversity. This is one of my personal favorites because I always leave with a broadened, Christ-centered view of the world I navigate everyday. Recently, one of these chapels was centered around praying for issues around the world. Everyone in the gym got in groups of three and prayed with each other. Since I came to chapel alone that morning, I ended up praying with a couple of people who I did not even know. But it wasn’t weird or awkward, because we all had something in common. We all were there because we had a desire to intercede and pray for the world we live in.
Another popular chapel is Singspo (short for Singspiration). For all those who love to worship through music, this is just for you! Every Sunday evening, the campus comes together to worship God. The genre of music changes week to week, so you won’t be hearing the same five songs over and over. In my opinion, there is no better way to start your week than with Singspo. It’s a time to just sing praises for all God’s done or a time to cry out to him when things are rough. No matter what season I am in, each time I leave Singspo my heart is full of love and reverence for God.
Wisdom Wednesdays and Singspo are just two of the nine weekly chapels offered. Once you are a student here, you will find the ones that speak to you the deepest. All of the chapels are diverse in style, but also provide a way for each and every student to connect with God throughout the week.
Praying for you always!