Hey, Hello and Hi!

Hello from La Mirada! I’m so glad you’ve decided to check out this space.

Weekdays are often filled with time to dive more deeply into courses and all the knowledge we are accumulating from our wonderful professors. Personally, I adore that we are given the opportunity to pause, reflect, and thoughtfully engage in the material that we have been taught throughout the week. I tell you truthfully when I say that while here at Biola, my adoration for learning has grown, and I believe that’s mostly due to the fact that the professors seem to be beaming with wisdom and knowledge that can make just about any topic pretty captivating.

Every professor at Biola has earned some higher education in their specific field, not because they have been forced, but rather because they desire to, making learning about what they adore all the more enjoyable.


While weekdays are filled with courses and gaining knowledge in the classroom, weekends are filled with learning outside the classroom walls. For me, that looks like embracing all that is around us here in La Mirada. The other weekend, a group of us took a trip up the coast to soak up all that California has to offer, and I thought it would be fitting to share with you all a little snippet of what that looked like!