Hello lovely blog readers! I hope all is well, especially as we head into this finals season. This can be a difficult time of the year. The stress of school coupled with the pressure of the holidays can be overwhelming. But I just want to encourage you and remind you to take care of yourself throughout these next couple of weeks. Anyway, onto the juicy stuff! You are mostly likely reading this blog because, to some extent, you are interested in Biola. This week I want to share with you one of my favorite parts of the community here, Chocolate Chats.

With a name that cute, how could you NOT want to be a part of it! Chocolate Chats is a small group here on our campus dedicated to serving and bringing together the Black, female students and faculty. If you somehow stumbled upon my blog without noticing, I am a Black and female student here! I have the pleasure of getting to be a part of this undeniably amazing group. Once a month, we come together and discuss topics such as, beauty standards, relationships, and our cultures. We meet once a month in the Mosaic Cultural Center, also know as the MCC. Faculty members take time out of their nights to sit and pour into us. They even took the girls on a retreat midway through the semester.

Chocolate Chats has opened so many doors for me as a student here. These women have helped curb homesickness, embraced me in times of weakness, and uplifted me on a day to day basis. Even though we officially meet once a month, the girls have made such great connections that we constantly meet with each other. I cannot imagine being a student here without these girls.

The majority of students on Biola’s campus are White, and I know for some students of color that could be an easy reason to take our school off of the list. BUT I want to encourage you to look a little deeper than that. I too was a little apprehensive about the demographics, but as soon as I got plugged in on campus, I knew I was home. Within my first semester, I have grown to love the person God made me so much deeper than I ever have before. I have learned that there is strength, beauty, and purpose in every detail He put into creating me. I am beyond grateful for the mentors and students God has placed here at Biola that have shaped and pushed me to grow.

The great news is that Chocolate Chats is not the only group available to students! Below I have listed all of the groups that we currently offer. No worries if you don’t identify with any of these groups, there are still more that are in the works!

Affinity Groups

Chocolate Chats - For Black Women

Iron Sharpens Iron - For Black Men

Latina Connect - For Latinas

Taro Talk - Asian and Asian-American Women