Hey there, friends! I hope the month of October was both fruitful and peaceful. I am so very excited to be one month closer to Christmas! I love Halloween and all, but there’s just something magical about Christmas time. What I want to share with you guys this week are the “pros” to living at Biola, mainly because of our location in Southern California! There is a bunch of stuff to do around Biola. You can go anywhere from a local coffee shop down the street all the way up to Yosemite National Park or San Francisco. All of that depends, however, on your homework load and budget.

Last year, I had saved up my money over the summer to purchase a Disneyland annual pass. Being 30 minutes from the second happiest place on earth (Biola being the first), many students have a pass. My freshman year, four of my closest friends and I would go to disney practically every week! Disney was such a great way to spend quality time with my friends and gain twenty pounds eating all the ice cream and beignets. When my pass expired, I looked at my pass account online and multiplied the amount of times I went with the cost of a ticket and it came out to be over $4,000! For all of you potential business and math majors out there, I saved $3,700. That’s my kind of college budget, if you ask me.

Other than Disney, there are countless things to do within driving distance from Biola. I mean, we live so dang close to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is HUGE, and filled with free, cheap, or ‘treat yo self’ activities. To name a few, the LACMA museum, The Broad museum, The Getty museum… oh wait… those are just art museums. Can you tell I like museums? Anyways, there’s a wide variety of things to do around Biola. I’ve had amazing adventures down to San Clemente to teach my friends how to surf. I’ve camped at Joshua Tree National Park and frolicked amongst the rocks. I’ve joined the Adventure Club here at Biola and backpacked through Big Sur to camp out right next to flowing hot springs. I did all this and much, much more just during my first year.

Biola location in Southern California is a huge part of our campus culture. College is certainly about growing in knowledge and earning your degree, but it’s also about creating experiences you’re going to remember for years to come. All in all, you will never find yourself bored during your time here at Biola. Life is what you make of it.