Financial Aid

At Biola, we strive to do everything we can to make paying for your education a little easier. There are many different sources of financial aid available to Biola students. As one resource alone is not enough to cover the costs of your education, it is important to view financial aid as a package comprised of multiple resources.

Financial Aid Procedures

  1. Complete FAFSA
    This is the starting point for determining eligibility for state and federal financial aid. Beginning with the 17/18 financial aid cycle, the FAFSA will be available for completion and submission as early as October 1 for the coming year. The 17/18 FAFSA opened on October 1, 2016. Completing the FAFSA does not obligate you to take out a loan.
    • Note: It is advised that you fill out your FAFSA form ( early in the admission process. Be sure to include Biola University's number (001122) on the form. Once that is received our Financial Aid Department can begin the process of helping you find the aid you need.
  2. Check your mail and watch
    Look for requests for any additional information from the financial aid office.

  3. Receive your award letter
    The financial aid office will send you an award notification once all requested information has been submitted. Notification can take up to six weeks from the time of file completion, but is typically much sooner.
  4. Complete loan paperwork
    Complete any required loan paperwork if you plan to take a federal loan.

NOTE: Federally mandated criteria to be considered a “full-time” student for financial aid purposes is 12 credits per trimester (four total courses, two courses in session A and two courses in session B). A student is considered “half-time” at six credits per trimester (two total courses in both sessions combined — two in one session or one in each session). Students must be at least half-time to access most types of state and federal aid including federal loans. Some private lenders will provide loans to students who are less-than-half-time. Students in post-traditional programs at Biola University are not eligible for most types of institutional financial aid.

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