The certificate program in Christian apologetics is open to everyone. Students can follow this step by step list to get started:

1. Apply to the certificate program

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2. Order the certificate courses

You can do this while your application is under review. Please allow a few minutes after purchasing the course to receive access to the course.

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Earn Credit Toward the M.A. (Christian Apologetics)

The certificate program can also be used toward the M.A. (Christian Apologetics). In order to receive the two semester units of credit toward the master's degree for each Defending the Faith Lecture Series (maximum of 6 semester units), see the following procedure:

  1. During the Certificate Program, complete all work required of M.A. students (read the recommended textbooks, take all quizzes and complete the essays).
  2. Apply for the M.A. (Christian Apologetics) program
    • Applications for the spring semester are due by December 1; applications for the fall semester are due by July 1.
    • Request transcripts and letters of recommendation.
  3. Register for CSAP 604 Defending the Faith: Continuing Study (2 Units).
    • Once a student in the M.A. (Christian Apologetics) program, sign up during registration for CSAP 604 in addition to any other classes.
    • Up to six units of CSAP 604 are allowed for students who have taken up to three Defending the Faith Lecture Series.
    • Pay the full tuition rate for the units during registration.
    • The final grade for CSAP 604 will be based on the grade given for the final exam during the lecture series.