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Biola on the Road

Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World

Raleigh, NC

Cost and Admission

This is a paid event.

$10.00Students (Ages 12–24)
$50.00Families/Groups (6+)

Join us for an exciting two-day apologetics conference on March 3 - 4 in Raleigh, NC. Biola Apologetics is partnering with Cross Assembly Church to equip the church on how to defend and know the truth of the Christian faith. You will hear from top apologists and philosophers Craig Hazen, Clay Jones, and JP Moreland speak on topics such as experiencing miracles, how to face the fear of death, world religions and more. Don't miss out!


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Friday, March 3, 2023

6:15 p.m. Doors Open
6:45–7 p.m. Event Begins: Announcement & Introductions
7–7:20 p.m.Craig Hazen: What in the World are We Afraid Of?
7:20–8:10 p.m. J.P. Moreland: The Anatomy of a Culture in Decay
8:10–8:30 p.m. Break
8:30–9:30 p.m. Clay Jones: Why Does God Allow Evil?
9:30 p.m. Event Ends


Saturday, March 4, 2023

8:30 a.m. Doors Open
9–9:10 a.m. Event Begins: Announcements & Introductions
9:10–10:10 a.m.Craig Hazen: Christianity and the Challenge of World Religions
10:10–10:25 a.m. Break
10:25–11:20 a.m. Clay Jones: Immortality: How the Fear of Death Drives Us and What We Can Do About It
11:20–11:30 a.m. Break
11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. J.P Moreland: Experiencing Miracles
12:30 p.m. Event Ends


Craig Hazen

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.

Craig J. Hazen is the founder and director of the Christian Apologetics Program at Biola University. He holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of California and is the editor emeritus of the journal Philosophia Christi. He is the author of a range of books and articles including Fearless Prayer, Five Sacred Crossings, and The Village Enlightenment in America.

Clay Jones

Clay Jones, D.Min.

Clay Jones is an associate professor in the Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics Program at Biola University. He holds a doctorate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Clay is the Chairman of the Board of the university apologetics ministry Ratio Christi, is a contributing writer for the Christian Research Journal and specializes in issues related to why God allows evil. You can read his blog at Clay is the author of Why Does God Allow Evil?: Compelling Answers for Life’s Toughest Questions and the forthcoming Immortal: The Inescapable Desire for Eternal Life and Where It Leads.

J.P. Moreland

J.P. Moreland, Ph.D.

J.P. Moreland is Distinguished Professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. He received a B. S. in physical chemistry from the University of Missouri, a Th.M. in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, an M.A. in philosophy from the University of California at Riverside, and a Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Southern California. He has authored, edited, or contributed to ninety-five books, including Love God with All Your Mind and Scientism and Secularism. Moreland was recently proclaimed by The Best Schools as one of the 50 most influential living philosophers.

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