Learning Opportunities | Anthropology, B.A.

The Anthropology Guild

The Guild is a student-led club that connects you with a learning network of fellow anthropology colleagues and provides you with opportunities to come together and explore various anthropologically oriented activities. There are many benefits to becoming part of this club, including numerous possibilities to:

  • Participate in your professors' research projects
  • Attend field trips
  • Gather regularly in faculty homes
  • Attend professional meetings to further your training
The Biola Columbian Mammoth Site

The Biola Columbian Mammoth Site

Adjacent to Biola's baseball field, there is a current archaeology/paleontology site led by Paul Langenwalter, chair and professor of anthropology. As an anthropology major, you will have unique hands-on experience of continuing the excavation and sorting process of the Columbian mammoth parts that have been found on our campus.


As an anthropology major, you will have access to a number of internship and field opportunities that will provide breadth and depth to your overall learning experience at Biola. Examples include:

  • Museum internships
  • Cultural resource management experience
  • Specialized training in practical fieldwork — at home and abroad