Get Involved

The Office of Alumni Relations offers many ways for you to stay connected to the Biola family! From organized meet ups to mentorship opportunities, you can find different ways to stay involved.

Biola Meet Ups

Interested in meeting alumni in your area who have similar interests? Organize a Biola Meet Up!

These informal social gatherings allow alumni to develop connections with other Biolans in your region. Be an alumni leader in your area and strengthen the connection of alumni to Biola University.

Looking for some ideas? Here are some examples:

  • Go paddle boarding
  • Visit a museum
  • Attend a concert
  • Take in a lecture
  • Run a 5K
  • Meet for breakfast

Come up with an idea, then fill out the Biola Meet Up planning form.

Submit a Biola Meet Up Form

Note: Biola University will not process payments for the event. If ticket purchase is necessary, please provide web link information.

Alumni-to-Student Mentoring Program

Become an alumni mentor!

Our Alumni-to-Student Mentoring Program offers alumni the opportunity to share with a current student their career/ministry experience, so students can be more prepared for "life after Biola." This monthly, one-hour commitment is student-driven, in that they plan and set the meetings at the convenience of the alumni mentor.

Sign up and help a Biola student interested in your area of career/ministry!

Apply For The Mentor Program

Backyard Biola Summer Mixers

The Office of Alumni Relations hosts annual Backyard Biola summer mixers! These gatherings bring alumni, students and all Biolans together in major cities across the U.S. for food and fun. This year, we hosted mixers at homes in:

  • Seattle, Wash.
  • Portland, Oreg.
  • Denver, Colo.
  • Berkeley, Calif.
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Wheaton, Ill.
  • Sacramento, Calif.
  • San Diego, Calif.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • San José, Calif.
  • Fresno, Calif.
  • Phoenix, Ariz.