Join the Alumni Board

How to Apply

Anyone who has completed and passed 12 units of credit through Biola University is a member of the Alumni Association and eligible to apply for a position on the Alumni Board.

  • Complete and submit the electronic form here
  • Email your resume and/or LinkedIn profile to
  • Have a spiritual or professional mentor submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf, emailing it to

Once the application, resume and letter of recommendation are received, applicants will be contacted for an interview with alumni staff and the Board Recruitment committee.

Upon their recommendation for approval, applicants will be presented to the full board for a vote of membership.

Committees of the Board

Alumni Awards Weekend – Inform the planning, preparation and participation of alumni in this future signature event.

Board Recruitment – Recruit invested alumni who meet the diverse needs of the Alumni Board.

Career Networking – Host networking events that connect and further the career ambitions of Biola Alumni.

Fundraising – Identify opportunities to engage the board in fundraising efforts.

Missions – Provide opportunities to encourage and pray for our alumni serving in full-time missions.