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Alumni Awards Qualifications


  • Demonstrated serious Christian faith and continued support of the Christian community
  • Embodiment of the values and mission of Biola University
  • Demonstrated loyal supporter of Biola University

Lifetime Achievement Award

(Suggested more than 35 years since first degree completion)

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor given to an alumnus or alumna of the university. This award is presented in recognition of extraordinary achievements. A candidate for the Lifetime Achievement Award will have demonstrated throughout his/her life:

  • A life of service to others through ongoing and consistent service to his/her community, whether through secular or faith-based outlets
  • Effective leadership, responsibility and expertise in his/her chosen profession and/or while serving on councils or committees
  • Personal achievement validated by special and outstanding service to Biola, thereby advancing the vision of the university at large; or personal achievement which has brought great honor and distinction to the university

Clyde Cook Missions Award

The Clyde Cook Missions Award is presented to an alumnus or alumna for his/her exceptional commitment and service in the mission field. A candidate for the Clyde Cook Missions Award will have demonstrated:

  • Service in the mission field for a minimum of 15 years
  • Service abroad for the majority of his/her time on the mission field
  • Service which has dramatically influenced the lives of others through missions and impacted his/her field of influence to spread the Gospel message while also affirming the worth of each person as a unique individual created by God

Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award is designed to recognize alumni up to 10 years post-graduation who have established themselves as future leaders amongst Biola’s young alumni and who have demonstrated leadership capability, exceptional achievement, innovation and commitment to the Biola family. A candidate for the Young Alumni Award will have demonstrated:

  • Commitment to Biola through participation in Biola’s organizations and events
  • Distinct accomplishments beyond what might be expected early in one’s career either in his/her specialized field or through service on councils or committees
  • Capability to recognize and establish linkages between scholarship, industry and service, thereby authoring innovative concepts and designs in his or her field of influence

Cultural Impact Award

The Cultural Impact Award is presented to an alumnus or alumna in recognition of outstanding contributions and impact to one’s profession, business, industry, government, public service, education, field of science/technology or church. A candidate for the Cultural Impact Award will have demonstrated:

  • Dramatic impact on the lives of others in his/her respective field of influence
  • Positive contribution and impact toward culture change in the areas of diversity and underrepresentation of specific people groups
  • Leadership of, or participation in, diversity organizations that positively impact Biola University

Legacy Award

The Legacy Award is presented to an alumnus or alumni in recognition of his/her exemplary dedication and service to Biola and the advancement of its mission. This award may be presented for extraordinary partnership over time with the university or a long lineage of Biola alumni. A candidate for the Legacy Award will have:

  • Demonstrated, through character and deeds, a desire and willingness to contribute to the heritage of Biola University
  • Made a significant impact or contribution to an academic department or program or on the university at large
  • A minimum of three generations of Biola alumni must be represented if the candidate is being recognized for family lineage

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is presented to an alumnus or alumni who has demonstrated an unselfish and generous contribution of time and talent to the enrichment of others and the betterment of his or her community. A candidate for the Community Service Award will have:

  • Demonstrated dramatic influence/impact on the lives of people in his or her community through service which addresses issues of social justice, advancement of the university’s civic engagement, and efforts that inspire greater involvement in community engagement and service to others
  • Contributed a significant amount of time serving his or her community on an ongoing and consistent basis
  • Contributed an extraordinary record of service well above and beyond his or her job description if employed in a community service-related profession