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Alumni Awards

Nominate an Alumni for a reward

Purpose and Philosophy

Biola University takes pride in equipping its graduates with biblically centered education, scholarship
and service so that they can impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. With these tools, a vast number
of the University’s alumni have gained unique distinction in their professions, ministries and

Therefore, the purpose of the annual alumni awards is to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Biola University's distinguished graduates.

General Eligibility

  • Candidates must be degree-holders of Biola University
  • Married couples/families may be honored jointly as long as one spouse has met the above criteria
  • Current members of the Alumni Leadership Council are not eligible; however, upon the completion of their term of service they regain eligibility
  • An individual cannot receive the same award more than once

Nomination Process

  • Nominations will be solicited by Alumni Relations annually
  • Alumni Relations will establish a cut-off date for award nominations
  • Nominations may be made by any member of the faculty, staff or degree-holders of Biola University
  • One nomination per individual per award category will be considered per year
  • In the event that a candidate is not selected as an honoree, his or her nomination packet will not be carried over to the next year for consideration. However, a new nomination packet for that candidate may be submitted and considered.
  • Nominators must submit a completed nomination packet which includes:
    • Completed Nomination Form 
    • Other relevant supporting documents not to exceed five pages (newspaper or magazine articles, certificate of award, etc.)

Selection Process

  • After the cut-off date, a comprehensive list of nominees will be submitted to the Office of the President for approval
  • The expectation is to present three to six awards annually with the exception of the lifetime achievement award which will be presented only when merited
  • The Alumni Leadership Council makes the final determination on award recipients and will vote on award winners for each category during quarterly meetings (a quorum must be reached for this vote)