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Alumni Leadership Council Membership

The Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) provides opportunities for enthusiastic alumni to become more engaged with the university to advance its mission and goals. The ALC supports the strategic goals of Alumni Relations to increase alumni engagement and involvement with the university by leveraging networks, communities and promoting engagement opportunities. ALC membership is a privilege and prospective members must complete an application to be considered.


  1. Must be a degree-holder of Biola University and not currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program at Biola;
  2. Must agree with and exemplify Biola’s mission; 
  3. Must demonstrate responsibility, integrity and be a high-standing member of his/her community;
  4. Must be a positive ambassador for Biola.


  1. Must attend at least three of the four quarterly meetings per year;
  2. Must serve on a Committee;
  3. Must be actively engaged during ALC meetings, providing feedback and willingly accepting tasks that are needed to complete ALC goals;
  4. Must remain actively engaged with other alumni in his/her region, seeking feedback on their alumni experiences and learning about their continued alumni needs;
  5. Must support the university by contributing to the Biola Fund on a yearly basis; There is an expectation of 100% participation by the ALC;
  6. Must encourage fellow alumni to support the university through giving, advocacy, and active engagement in alumni initiatives and programs;
  7. Must remain actively engaged between meetings including responding to inquiries from the office of Alumni Relations, attending university events whenever possible and staying up-to-date on university news;
  8. Must serve in a volunteer capacity in at least two alumni programs annually such as Biola Alumni Awards, Senior Celebration Dinner, New Student Send-offs, etc.;
  9. Must cover own travel and housing costs related to attending ALC meetings.


Primary responsibility for and oversight of the ALC will rest with Alumni Relations under the leadership of the Senior Director of Alumni and Parent Relations. The Nominations Committee along with the Senior Director of Alumni and Parent Relations will review applications for membership, conduct interviews and make final selections for members to serve on the ALC.