Master of Arts Degree Program at Biola University

Biola University is proud to offer a unique Master of Arts in Science & Religion program taught from a Christian Worldview to students across the globe in a distance learning modular format.

Why Science and Religion?

Since the Enlightenment, but particularly during the past century, naturalists have advocated science as the only valid source of public truth and have attempted to reduce religion to private, personal experience. Their campaign to foster warfare between science and Christianity (in particular) has been largely successful in generating the stereotypes about science and religion that dominate western culture today.

Evangelical Christians who train in the sciences often feel pressured to compartmentalize their faith from their profession, or do not feel equipped to address or change the cultural stereotypes regarding science and faith.

The new Master of Arts degree in Science and Religion is designed to provide scientifically literate individuals with the essential background in theology, history, and philosophy that is necessary to integrate modern science with evangelical Christianity.

One highlight of the program is advanced seminars that will focus on current theological issues within specific scientific disciplines. Here students will grapple with the contemporary dynamic and learn to integrate their thinking in a mentored setting. Many of the advanced seminars will be taught by internationally-known visiting scholars such as William Dembski on Intelligent Design, and William Lane Craig on the philosophy of Cosmology, which will provide students with "front row" access to the best contemporary work in these areas. Other faculty in the program are drawn from Biola's theology, philosophy, and sciences departments.

Biola's new science and religion program is unique because it presents this material from a theologically conservative, evangelical perspective. It also builds on Biola University's existing strengths in evangelical theology, philosophy, and apologetics and continues Biola's mission of integrating core academic disciplines within historical context and among the deep of resources in Christian thought as well as responding to the toughest challenges from secular worldviews and today's cultural and scientifically relevant strongholds.

The program will appeal to scientists, science teachers and administrators, engineers, and others seeking a stronger and broader intellectual base for integrating contemporary science with Christianity.

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