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Apologetics on the Front Lines of Gospel Proclamation

with Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, Erik Thoennes, Carmen Mayell, and Craig Hazen

Supercharge your evangelism!

Over the last thirty years there has been a measurable decline in the effectiveness of the basic evangelistic message.  Unbelievers today are better prepared with what they think are real objections to the Gospel.  Hence the simple saving message is more easily deflected by those who desperately need it. Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, Erik Thoennes, and Craig Hazen will be teaching about a powerful synthesis between evangelism and apologetics that can make our Gospel preaching, in St. Paul's words, "powerful through God" (2 Cor 10:4).

If you can’t make it to Biola for this supercharged conference, you now have the opportunity to view it online on your own or with a group! This exclusive, limited On-Demand format will allow you to watch these videos at your convenience. Videos will be available online from October 27, 2009 through January 5, 2010. You can watch whenever you want as much as you want during this very limited engagement.See below for more information, answers to common questions, and pricing details.

Participate in All Four Conference Sessions!
Full Access to All Video Sessions

Individuals and Families Only

Cost: $60

Full Access (Indiv.)

Churches and Small Groups Only

Cost: $195

Full Access + DVD (Special Bonus:
This package includes a complimentary DVD copy for your church library!)

Event Broadcast Video On-Demand Sessions

Thoughtful Evangelism Conference

with Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, Erik Thoennes, and Craig Hazen

Session One:

Kick-Off with Lee Strobel

Presenting the Gospel and Answering Objections: The Unexpected Adventure
Cost for Individual/Family Access: $20

Kick-Off Video Only

Session Two:

with Mark Mittelberg

Choosing a Thoughtful Faith: Evangelism in a World of Spiritual Options
Cost for Individual/Family Access: $20

Mittelberg Video Only

Session Three:

with Erik Thoennes

Making Disciples through Proclamation and Persuasion
Cost for Individual/Family Access: $20

Thoennes Video Only

Session Four:

with Craig Hazen

Capturing Hearts and Minds for Christ in a Radically Skeptical Age
Cost for Individual/Family Access: $20

Hazen Video Only


Do I need special equipment?

All you need is a computer with a high-speed broadband internet connection! Simply hook the computer up to a nice monitor or a projector to share with your group! (See system recommendations below. Contact us if you cannot meet the system requirements.)

Who can watch?

Anyone, depending on your registration choice! Individual registrants may include their immediate family and household members. But if you want to include more we encourage you to choose the Church/Group registration. That way anyone in your church, small group, Bible study, or organization may participate in your viewing. We encourage you to find an audience in order to share this information. Whether it be your friends and family, your church small group, your non-Christian friends, or those in your community.

The Church/Group registration is intended to be watched as a group and codes cannot be accessed by multiple users (i.e. no code sharing).

Can we charge admission to the viewing at my church or venue?

Of course! In fact, this could even make a great fundraiser or ministry sponsorship event. How much you charge is up to you!

How do I watch?

Once you've paid the fee, we'll send you a code and log on details. Once you receive your log on information, you will be able to return to this site to test your equipment and watch the recordings once they are posted.

When do I watch?

The videos will be posted by 12 noon on Tuesday, October 27. They will remain up until 12 noon on Tuesday, January 5. You can watch whenever you want and as many times as you want. When you log on you will press play to watch the conference or session. You may jump forward or start over at the beginning of each session as you desire.

How long is the conference?

The individual sessions range between 2 hours and 4 hours long. We will know specifically once each session has been recorded. Most will have natural breaking points throughout if you want to pause the viewing for further discussion or view at a later time as a part of an ongoing class or curriculum.

Can I watch multiple times?

Your code will be valid for as many viewing's as you would like to schedule during the viewing period. If you'd like to view the conference at a specific date or time outside of the viewing period, please contact our office: (888) 332-4652 or conference.coordinator@biola.edu

Can I download the conference video?

No. This is a streaming video viewing opportunity only. Downloading the video and saving it to your computer violates copyright and is illegal. Please contact our offices if you would like to own a DVD copy of the entire Thoughtful Evangelism conference for your home or church library or to give to someone who is not able to view the event recordings on the internet. DVD copies cannot be shown to groups without prior licensing arrangements. Note: DVD's will not be available until early 2010, and will cost more than it would be to either attend the live events or to view the event broadcast.

Can we watch individual sessions as a group?

No, individual sessions are only available at the individual rate. Groups must purchase the full conference package.

How can I test my connection and equipment?

Go to: Video Test Page
This website has sample video footage that you can use to see if your computer system will handle the video appropriately. It also has some recommended bandwidth testing to see how long it will take to load your video. You must use the computer you are going to view the video from, and preferably during a timeframe that is similar to when your group will view this conference in order to have accurate results. (i.e. Some internet connections can vary and fluctuate because of traffic and other network issues. So what works on a Monday morning in your office may not represent what will happen on a Friday evening when you have a live audience.)

Can I schedule my viewing and pay the fee over the phone?

Absolutely! Contact our office: (888) 332-4652 or conference.coordinator@biola.edu

System Requirements:

Broadband or High-bandwidth dedicated internet connection required!

Speed: Minimum 768 Kbps, recommended between 1.0 and 2.0 Mbps. (Test your speed with speedtest.net)

Intel Core Duo Processor at 2.0GHz or higher
or AMD Athlon™ 64 3400+ processor (or equivalent)

Computer Sound Card:
Any integrated audio card should be able to output the stereo audio signal associated with this stream. If you plan to output this signal to a PA system or other speakers, additional equipment may be necessary.

Graphics Card Video Ram (VRAM)
64 MB or more
(Note: Some general use laptops or integrated video cards do not have enough video ram to meet these requirements. Check your system.)

Memory (RAM)
Minimum: 512 MB
Recommended: 1 GB

Web Browser:
Firefox 3.0, Safari 3.0, IE 7.0, or later
Using Adobe Flash Player 10

Operating System:
Windows XP Service Pack 3.0 or higher
Mac OS 10.4 or higher

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