Distance Learning

Program Overview

The Master of Arts Modular Program offers the 36-semester unit curriculum through an extraordinary combination of accessible on-campus learning and specialized distance learning courses.

On-Campus Courses

Modular students are required to take 20 units of classes that have a residency or on site component to them. Two types of courses have been made available to help students fulfill this requirement for their degree.

Two-Week Summer Sessions

Experience direct contact with our first-rank faculty through an exciting residency program offered on Biola’s campus for two-week periods each summer. The residency features lectures, discussions, and mentoring by our renowned faculty members, as well as evening seminars with prominent scholars.

Prior to coming to campus, students complete the on-line coursework required for their classes. These classes begin in the Spring, continue with the Summer session, and finish in the Fall semester. During the Spring and Fall semesters, each course is contained in its own 4-week block to allow students to focus on that course (for a visual representation, please see the At-A-Glance calendars on our helpful forms page). A faculty mentor oversees your preliminary assignments, required readings, online class discussions, and follow-up research projects. Each two-week summer module and corresponding coursework provides 10 semester units; in this format you can earn 20 semester units toward the 36 units needed for the degree. These courses are arranged into two tracks, each track with five courses:

Track One

  1. Ethics
  2. Scientific Apologetics
  3. Cultural Apologetics
  4. In Defense of the Resurrection
  5. Seminar: Selected Topics in Apologetics

Track Two

  1. Scripture: Authority, Canon and Criticism
  2. Essential Christian Doctrine I
  3. Essential Christian Doctrine II
  4. Philosophy of Religion
  5. Seminar: Selected Topics in Apologetics

Weekend Seminars

These cutting-edge seminars allow students to interact with cutting-edge professors in a unique, intensive setting. Past offerings have included God, Time and Creation with Dr. William Lane Craig, Bioethics with Dr. Scott Rae, and Christian Faith in the Public Square with Dr. Frank Beckwith. These tailored classes are held Thursday night, Friday night, and all-day Saturday, and include assignments and readings to be completed outside of the lecture dates. Each of these classes offers 2 units of elective credit which can help fulfill residency requirements.

Specialized Distance Courses

The remaining 16 units needed for the degree are acquired through specialized distance courses that can be completed from your own home. For many of these classes, you will receive audio recordings by cutting-edge lecturers, and you will be able to complete assignments by submitting them on-line or mailing them to our office. Other classes are conducted asynchronously in an on-line bulletin board system. Your personal faculty mentor also guides you through these stimulating classes.