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The Christian Apologetics Program at Biola University:

Stand to Reason's 20th Anniversary

May 10-11, 2013

La Mirada, CA

Join us as we celebrate 20 years of Stand to Reason and clear thinking Christianity. The event kicks off Friday night with stimulating apologetics lectures and a celebration! Join us for the full conference on Saturday featuring lectures from the Stand to Reason speakers and friends. Can't make it to Biola? This event will be available via live stream online.

Featuring Greg Koukl, J.P. Moreland, Sean McDowell, Craig Hazen, Brett Kunkle, Alan Shlemon, J. Warner Wallace, Mary Jo Sharp, and more!

Conference Details:



FAQ and Technical Details

How do I watch?

Friday night's livestream is FREE and open to all. You can view it at watch.biola.edu/str20-friday-live

You must register and pay to view Saturday's livestream and on-demand. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with login instructions. Follow the instructions to login to watch.biola.edu/str20-paid-live. You can test your equipment and get ready for the event! Note: it is very important that you use the same email address when logging in that you used to purchase your live stream/on-demand ticket.

What time do I watch?

We have multiple viewing options available for your convenience:

Live: 7:00 - 9:30 pm PDT on Friday, May 10 and
         9:00 am - 12:30 pm PDT on Saturday, May 11.

On-Demand: The full conference will be available for on-demand viewing beginning Sunday, May 12. Located Here The on-demand video will not expire.

Once you have registered for the webcast you can select whichever viewing option you prefer when you log in. All registered viewers will have access to the on-demand video. On-demand video will be uploaded to the streaming website by session after the live session ends with all of the sessions eventually being online by Sunday, May 12.

Do I need special equipment?

All you need is a computer with a high-speed broadband internet connection! If you're sharing with a group, simply hook the computer up to a nice monitor, TV or a projector!

Who can watch?

Anyone! We encourage hosting a group viewing for your home, family, or church. If you're hosting a viewing we recommend you test your equipment in advance (a test player is below).

Will I see the whole event? Can I watch portions?

All sessions will be available (See schedule). The live stream will follow the conference schedule so there will be downtime during the scheduled conference breaks. When viewing on-demand you will be able to watch each session individually at your own pace. On-demand video will be uploaded to the streaming website by session after the live session ends with all of the sessions eventually being online by Sunday, May 12. The on-demand video sessions will not expire.

Can I download the Event?

No. This is a streaming video viewing opportunity. Downloading the event violates copyright and is illegal. The event will be available on DVD.

When will DVD's be shipped?

If you purchased a ticket package that includes a pre-order of the event recording DVD, they will be shipped to you in two to three months.

If the date of the event doesn't work for me, is there another way to see the event?

Of course! The full conference will be available for on-demand viewing.

Can I view this anywhere?

Yes. If you are concerned because you are outside of the US, let us know and we'll try to help you as best we can. Contact our office at (888) 332-4652 or conference.coordinator@biola.edu

System Requirements

A broadband or High-bandwidth dedicated internet connection required! We recommend using Google Chrome to watch the event. We have found it tends to be the most reliable. The live stream will use the similar technology to videos on Hulu, YouTube, etc. If you can watch videos on those sites, you will be able to watch our live stream. You can test your connection to our dedicated server with the sample player below:

Help! I can't sign in!

Once you've registered, you will receive Sign In instructions via email to Sign In at watch.biola.edu/str20-paid-live you will select a Sign In button and follow the onscreen instructions to authorize that account for watch.biola.edu. Note: The email address that you purchased your stream ticket with (and received your confirmation email at) must be the same email address used when you log directly into that social media account. Signing in with a social media account WILL NOT post anything to Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. Please contact us if you are unable to sign in.

Other Questions?

Please contact us:
The Christian Apologetics Program at Biola University
email: conference.coordinator@biola.edu
phone: (888) 332-4652