Academic Opportunities

While at Biola, students can choose from a range of special academic programs that take them beyond traditional classroom learning. Options include internships throughout the opportunity-rich Los Angeles area, a semester at one of more than 20 study abroad locations or acceptance to the unique Torrey Honors Institute.


Featured Faculty

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Kevin Lewis

Dr. Lewis specializes in the topics of systematic and polemical theology, theology and law integration, jurisprudence, and Christian apologetics.

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Biola's team of educators is made up of nationally respected scholars, accomplished researchers and dedicated servants — all of whom are Bible-believing Christians.

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Christian Education Journal

Published by Talbot School of Theology, the CEJ is dedicated to strengthening the conception and practice of Christian education in church and parachurch settings.

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Great Commission Research Journal

Published by Cook School of Intercultural Studies, the journal is an academic journal devoted to research and scholarly thinking related to effective church growth and evangelism.

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Journal of Psychology & Theology

Published by Rosemead School of Psychology, the JPT is a forum for scholarly thinking on the interrelationships of psychological and theological concepts.

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Journal of Spiritual Formation & Soul Care

Published by Talbot School of Theology, the journal is an Evangelical forum for the theory and practice of Christian spirituality.

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