Incoming Students

Spring 2018 Registration

New student registration begins December 5, 2017. Keep in mind that students who meet the following criteria will be assigned a registration time:

  • Be accepted to Biola
  • Submit a registration profile
  • Pay the $300 enrollment deposit

Important Dates:

Tuesday, December 5 New Student Registration Begins
Thursday, December 7 On Campus Academic Advising, 1–7 p.m.*
Tuesday, November 28–Wednesday, December 20 Phone Academic Advising*

*Advising is available for deposited students only. Registration for advising is available on "Tasks" page on My Account.

Class Registration

Please refer to the following instructions to complete class registration:

  1. Submit your enrollment deposit
  2. Submit your Registration Profile on My Account
  3. Find your registration time (also known as your "Time Ticket") in My Account. Your registration Time Ticket can be found in your Task list.
  4. Register for academic advising. Please use the following steps:
    • Log into My Account
    • Select the "Register for Academic Advising" task
    • Sign up for either phone advising or on-campus advising
  5. Review your Degree Audit in preparation for your advising appointment
  6. Determine any necessary placement exams.

Planning to Transfer Courses to Biola?

  1. Submit any official transcripts to Biola.
  2. Check to see if any of the courses you completed count towards courses at Biola by referring to your Degree Audit (found under Student Profile on My Account) and the Registrar's Transfer Policy.
  3. Check with your major department or the advising center to see if you might need to retake any courses you have already taken at another school.
  4. If you feel a transferred course should count towards a course offered at Biola, please speak with the advising center.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at or (562) 903-4782.

FAQs for Incoming Students

How will I know which classes to register for in order to complete my spring schedule?

You will determine your spring class schedule with a full-time academic advisor in the advising center. Please register for academic advising on My Account under the "Register for Academic Advising" task. The academic advising staff will also be available for online chatting (Biola Gmail Chatting at

How do I navigate Degree Audit?

Degree Audit is an important tool in helping you select your classes for your first semester. This website should answer any questions you have about Degree Audit: Degree Audit FAQs

What if I want to change my major after I've submitted my Registration Profile?

Please do not send a new Registration Profile. Just send us an e-mail at . We'll be happy to update your information for you.

Will registration look like this every semester?

It will be similar. You will meet with your assigned advisor in your major every semester. After that meeting you will complete registration online.

Who is my Academic Advisor?

Your Academic Advisor is either a faculty member or professional advisor in your major. You will be able to view who your assigned Primary Advisor after your first semester begins on your Degree Audit in If you are undeclared, it will be one of the Advising Center Staff.

When can I meet with my Academic Advisor?

Since most advisors are faculty members, they are not on campus during the summer months (or during the Christmas holiday for spring incoming students). Your first opportunity to meet with your advisor will be during SOS (orientation). Advisors generally keep office hours or are available for appointments during the academic year.

Who can I contact if I have questions now?

The Advising Center is staffed year-round. Please give us a call at 562-903-4782 or send an e-mail to .

How do I get credit for my AP tests?

Biola grants credit for AP tests on which you receive a score of 3, 4 or 5. Be sure to have your scores sent directly to Biola from the College Board (visit to send your scores). You will be sent a transcript evaluation from Biola’s Registrar’s Office showing the credit you were granted. Click here for a list of pre-approved AP credits.

How do I get credit for classes I've taken at other colleges?

Be sure to have transcripts sent to Biola from all colleges you have attended. The transcript will be evaluated by the Registrar’s Office, and you will be sent a transcript evaluation showing the credit you were granted. Click here for more information on transfer courses.