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FAQs for Current Students

Who is my academic advisor, and how can I make an appointment with her/him?

Your academic advisor is a faculty member in your major. You can view and email your academic advisor from the top of your Degree Audit. Find out more information about how to find your academic advisor or contact the Advising Center by calling (562) 903-4782.

If you have not yet declared a major, your advisor is one of the Advising Center Staff, and you can make an appointment online.

How often should I meet with my advisor?

You are required to meet with your academic advisor at least one time each semester to receive your Registration PIN. Your advisor is a valuable resource who can assist you not only with course selection, but also academic planning, internship opportunities and career advice.

How do I change my major?

Just pick up a “Major/Emphasis Change” form at the Registrar’s Office or download the Undergraduate Major Change Form, have your previous major advisor and your new major advisor sign, and return the form to the Registrar’s Data Entry counter. For assistance, please see the Advising Center.

Will a class I took at another school transfer to Biola?

Most likely, yes. If you want the class to count for a specific Biola University requirement, please get approval before taking the class. You can check for pre-approved courses to see if your class has already been approved, or you can fill out a Transfer Petition Form to request that your class count for a specific requirement.

How do I change my academic advisor?

If you would like to change your primary academic advisor, please turn in an Advisor Change Form to the Advising Center.

I would like to study abroad. What programs does Biola offer?

Visit the study abroad page to see all your off-campus options. If you are considering spending a semester off campus, make sure to discuss this with your academic advisor as soon as possible so you can plan your semesters accordingly.

How do I know what classes I still have to take?

You can access your Degree Audit by going to the "Student Profile" tab on and finding it under "Graduation and Degree Planning."

Do I need to complete any more foreign language courses?

We have created a tool to help you determine whether or not you need to complete more foreign language at Biola. View the foreign language placement exam information and learn more about this requirement for your degree. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact

What should I do if I have a learning disability and need accommodations in class?

The Learning Center provides accommodations for students with learning disabilities and assistance for any student through tutoring and study skills help.

Am I required to take GNST 102: First Year Seminar?

If you start at Biola as a freshman (your first semester at Biola was directly after your last semester of high school), then you are required to take GNST 102: First Year Seminar in your first semester. If you do not take or pass First Year Seminar in your first semester, then you are required to contact the Advising Center to take an arranged course to fulfill the requirement.

If you start at Biola as a transfer student (you took at least 12 credits of transferrable coursework in between finishing high school and coming to Biola), then you are exempt from this requirement. You will not receive credit, but the requirement is waived.

After finishing First Year Seminar I switched majors. Do I need to take the First Year Seminar for my new major too?

No. You are only required to take one GNST 102: First Year Seminar course, even if you switch majors.