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FAQs for Current Students

Core Requirements

Do I need to complete any more foreign language courses?

Below is a visual aid to help you determine whether or not you need to complete more foreign language at Biola. View the foreign language placement exam information and learn more about this requirement for your degree. If you have additional questions, please feel free to view our catalog section on the Core Curriculum Program > “Foreign Language” or contact

Major Type

Language Credits Needed

Waiver Eligibility

B.S. Majors


4 credits waived with 2+ years of the same language in high school

B.A. Majors


4 credits waived with four years of the same language in high school OR 4 credits waived with AP credit OR 4 credits waived by proficiency testing through the Modern Languages Department

B.M. and B.F.A. Majors


Exempt from the foreign language requirement

ALP Program


The ALP program meets the language requirement for all B.A. and B.S. majors

Am I required to take GNST 102: First Year Seminar?

If you start at Biola as a freshman (you took 0-11 transfer credits between graduating high school and beginning Biola), then you are required to take GNST 102: First Year Seminar in your first semester. If you do not take or pass First Year Seminar in your first semester, then you are required to contact the Advising Center to retake the course.

If you start at Biola as a transfer student (you took at least 12 credits of transferable coursework in between finishing high school and coming to Biola), then you are exempt from this requirement. You will not receive credit, but the requirement is waived.

After finishing First Year Seminar I switched majors. Do I need to take the First Year Seminar for my new major too?

No. You are only required to take one GNST 102: First Year Seminar course, even if you switch majors. If you switched majors within the first week of GNST 102, however, you may contact Academic Advising about adjusting your section.

Do I need to take ENGL 313 Writing in the Disciplines?

If you are in the 18-19 catalog or later, you will need to fulfill your Writing Competency Requirement by passing ENGL 313 Writing in the Disciplines with at least a C+. If you are a transfer student with IGETC and do not have a major-specific ENGL 313 section required, then you are exempt from the ENGL 313 requirement but will need to fulfill your Writing Competency Requirement through an alternate method. Contact your department if this is the case, and they will give you instructions on fulfilling your Writing Competency.

Can I drop my Bible minor?

The Bible minor is an essential component to Biola’s Core Curriculum and teaches students to view all of God’s world through the perspective of God’s Word, the Bible. In order to graduate from Biola, all students must fulfill the requirements of the minor, either by taking the 30 credits of Bible classes or completing the Torrey Honors program.

Will I get a Bible minor if I’m in Torrey?

The Torrey Honors curriculum replaces the Bible course requirements required for all Biola students. Email Anna Glenn ( if you have additional questions.

What should I do if I have a learning disability and need accommodations in class?

The Learning Center provides accommodations for students with learning disabilities and assistance for any student through tutoring and study skills help.

Meeting with Your Advisor

Who is my academic advisor, and how can I make an appointment with her/him?

If you are a first-year freshman or transfer, you may find your advisor on the Academic Advising website. You may also view and email your academic advisor from the top of your Degree Audit. If you are a continuing Biola student, you will meet with your faculty advisor listed on your Degree Audit. If there is not an advisor assigned to you, contact

How often should I meet with my advisor?

If you are a first-year freshman or transfer student, you are required to meet with your academic advisor at least one time each semester to receive your Registration PIN. Your advisor is a valuable resource who can assist you not only with course selection, but also academic planning, internship opportunities and career advice. If you are a continuing student, your department will let you know how to receive your PIN, whether it is by meeting with your faculty advisor, attending a group advising session, or meeting with your Peer Academic Advisor.

How do I change my academic advisor?

If you are a first-time freshman or transfer, your academic advisor is assigned based on your major. If you are a continuing student and would like to change your primary faculty advisor, please turn in an Advisor Change Form to the Advising Center.

Degree Planning

How do I change my major?

To change your major, fill out an Undergraduate Major Change Form and the Registrar will process your major change request. Please note that some majors and programs require department approval. The Biola Registrar will contact your email if a major change cannot be accommodated.

How do I add/drop a minor?

To add or drop a minor, fill out a Minor Change Form and the Registrar will process your minor change request.

Will a class I took at another school transfer to Biola?

If you want a class to count for a specific Biola University requirement, please get approval before taking the class. You can check for pre-approved courses to see if your class has already been approved, or you can fill out a Transfer Petition Form to request that your class count for a specific requirement.

How do I know what classes I still have to take?

Your Degree Audit is a checklist of your graduation requirements and will show you what your remaining requirements are. You can access your Degree Audit by going to your MyAccount page, selecting “Degree Planning” on the left-hand side bar, and clicking “Degree Audit.” Any requirement that is not highlighted in blue or yellow are remaining requirements.

What is a graduation petition?

In order to graduate, all students must complete a graduation petition. A graduation petition is a plan that lays out how a student will complete their remaining requirements and must be approved by the Registrar’s Office. Because Torrey students have a different core curriculum requirement, there is a separate graduation petition form for them to fill out. All graduation petition forms may be found on the Registrar’s website under the “Forms” page on the right-hand sidebar. For students graduating in the Fall semester, graduation petitions must be submitted by November 15, and for students graduating in the Spring semester, graduation petitions must be submitted by March 15. Departments strongly recommend that students submit them a year prior to graduation though after the completion of 88 credits.

Academic Support & Resources

I would like to study abroad. What programs does Biola offer?

Visit the study abroad page to see all your off-campus options. If you are considering spending a semester off campus, make sure to discuss this with your academic advisor as soon as possible so you can plan your semesters accordingly.

Can anyone register for GNST 001 Strategies for Academic & Personal Success?

Yes! GNST 001 is a 0 credit class offered by the Learning Center focusing on time management, personal self-awareness, strengths based living/learning, moderation, critical thinking, test-taking, and holistic living. If you would like to add the course to your schedule, you may do so.

Registration FAQs

Registration FAQs

For answers to frequently asked registration questions, see the Registration FAQ page.