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How to Build Your Academic Plan

Academic Plans (formerly called graduation plans) are a resource to map your courses term over term towards graduation. If you are a new student who started Biola in the 2021-2022 academic year, please refer to the Planner webpage for support. For all other students, please use the resource below.

If you have questions about using the academic plan template and resources provided on this page, please contact The Advising Center at


Tools You Need

Optional: Some majors only offer certain classes in specific terms or require a specific order for classes to be taken in (called “course sequencing”). If your department has given you a resource with course offerings and sequencing, refer to this page as you create your academic plan.

Instructions for Building Your Academic Plan

  1. For the current 2021-22 catalog, go to For catalog years 2020-21 and prior, select from one of the previous catalogs or consult a Degree Requirement Sheet.
    • On the catalog site, click “Programs Offered” and select your major(s) from the list. Then, select the “Course Sequence” tab to see your department’s suggestion for a typical academic plan.
  2. Review your Degree Audit to ensure that all transfer credits (AP, IB, CLEP, additional institutional credits) are listed. You will need to have sent in your official transcripts/scores to see credits applied. If you notice any discrepancies in how credits apply, contact the Registrar at
  3. Fill in the Academic Plan Template by cross-referencing your Degree Audit and the Course Sequence/Degree Requirement Sheet. Distribute requirements evenly across semesters, beginning with your Major courses and then Core courses (Torrey Honors College and/or General Education, Bible).
  4. Optional: Meet with your faculty/staff advisor listed on your Degree Audit to review your Academic Plan. If you do not see an advisor listed, contact Please note, advisors will not build a plan for you, but they are available to provide feedback.

Download Academic Plan Template

View a Sample Academic Plan (Non-Torrey)

View a Sample Academic Plan (Torrey)

Tips For Creating Your Academic Plan

  • You can find your catalog year listed on your Degree Audit in the section with your GPA, Credits Required and Credits Applied.
  • Be aware of prerequisites, corequisites and specific offerings (i.e. only offered in the Spring of even years, only offered in the Fall, etc.) Prerequisites and corequisites can be found in the catalog.
  • You must be in 12–18 credits to be considered a full-time student. If you plan to be part-time for a certain semester, connect with Financial Aid to understand the implications of being part-time.
  • Make sure you meet the 120 credits required to graduate. If your degree and core curriculum credits combined do not meet 120, you will need to take general elective courses.
  • If you are planning on studying abroad, contact to set up an appointment.

Video Tutorials

Academic Plan Video Tutorial Part I - Gathering Your Tools

Academic Plan Video Tutorial Part II - Building Your Plan