100% Instrumental: Connecting Future Filmmakers, Composers, and Hollywood.

David Martina has a passion for film music. During his time at Biola, his interest extended beyond the studio as he developed relationships with both Biola’s music students and film majors. When Martina had the idea for giving these students a way to collaborate together, he knew he would need a lot of support to get the idea up and running. So, he took action.

He created Biola’s Film Music Guild, a student club that supports students working together to perfect their craft beyond the classroom. The Guild also opens doors outside of Biola, connecting students to professionals in the film and music industry, and taking advantage of Biola’s southern California location.

David Martina graduated from Biola this year and he’s excited to step out into the “real world”, where he can feel prepared to take his talents to new heights. He continues to be instrumental in the development of the Film Music Guild, networking with students as well as professionals. With his education, experience, and energy, Martina is composing a whole new way to connect to Hollywood.