Undergraduate Graduation

Undergraduate seniors who plan to graduate must submit a Graduation Petition form and any departmental checklists to the Office of the Registrar one year prior to graduation. Petitions submitted during the semester of graduation will be considered late and a late graduation petition fee of $200 will need to be paid at time of submission.

Downloadable Forms

Graduation Petition (with instructions)
Torrey - Johnson House Graduation Petition
Torrey - Morgan House Graduation Petition

Requirements for all Baccalaureate Degrees

  1. All baccalaureate degrees require a minimum of 130 degree-applicable credits for graduation. Each major consists of a minimum of 30 credits, of which 24 must be upper division. (The Bachelor of Music degree requires 142 credits. A degree in biological science requires 135 credits and nursing requires 141 credits. For specific major requirements please see indicated major listings.)
  2. Approval of the student's graduation petition by the major advisor and the Office of the Registrar is required a year before graduation, and completion of all academic requirements is mandatory.
  3. To ensure completion of degree requirements, the normal academic load during the last year for a student anticipating graduation is 18 credits. Those students who wish to take more are expected to notify their graduation counselor. Approval for the additional credits beyond the norm will be made through the Office of the Registrar.
  4. A minimum of 30 credits must be taken at Biola University, and at least 15 credits (upper division level) in the major field. Extension credit or credit by examination may not be used to fulfill the minimum residence requirement of 30 semester credits.
  5. A minimum "C" average (or a 2.00 grade point average) is required on work taken at Biola University and within most of the major fields. (Note: GPA requirements are higher in some majors. See departmental requirements.)  You may be eliminated from graduation if, in your final semester, you receive an “F” in a course or if you fail to obtain your minimum GPA requirement. 
  6. All students who entered the University in the fall 1986 or later must pass the Writing Competency Exam.

Special Note: All graduation requirements may be met within four school years by carrying approximately 16 or 17 credits each semester. A student may still graduate within four years if he or she wishes to take a lighter load and enroll in summer session and/or Interterm.

What You Need to Know About Taking Classes Outside of Biola University

  • Substitution forms with necessary signatures approving substitutions for transfer classes are to be filled out and submitted with the Graduation Petition.
  • All correspondence coursework must be completed before the senior year, two semesters prior to graduation.
  • All transcripts are due BEFORE your final semester.
  • Official transcripts must be MAILED (hand-delivered transcripts are not accepted) to Biola’s Office of the Registrar.
  • All coursework during the final semester which will be applied toward graduation requirements must be taken at Biola University.
  • If it becomes necessary to take classes off campus during your final semester, the classes MUST meet proper approval. You should meet with your graduation counselor and provide proof of registration.
  • All courses taken at other colleges/universities will only transfer to Biola with a "C" or higher; a "C-" (C minus) will not transfer.

Graduation Honors

Honors at graduation for baccalaureate recipients are based on overall performance, Christian values and a minimum 60-credit residency. Honors are not automatically granted. They are granted by the faculty and may be withheld or modified. The University honors have been defined by the Academic Standards Committee as:

Cum Laude GPA 3.50-3.69
Magna Cum Laude GPA 3.70-3.89
Summa Cum Laude GPA 3.90-4.00

Honors recognized in the graduation ceremony may be changed based on the processing of final grades.