Academic Policies

Withdrawal Policies

Official withdawals: Students who wish to officially withdraw from the university must contact the Office of the Registrar. Students may officially withdraw from the university through the eighth week of the semester.

Unofficial withdrawals: Students who stop attending class between the ninth and 15th week of the semester are considered unofficially withdrawn. No refund is granted to students who unofficially withdraw. Students who unofficialy withdraw will receive grades of "UW" or "F" for their courses.

Medical withdrawals: Students who are departing mid-semester for health reasons and who wish to apply for a medical withdrawal must contact the Office of the Registrar at (562) 944-0351 x5231 for more information.

Planning to Return

Readmission: Every student who withdraws from the University must readmit through the Admissions Office. Students who have withdrawn may begin the process by filing a Returning Student Application for the semester they plan to return. For more details, please refer to the readmit information available here.

Catalog Requirement: Students who withdraw for more than one year will be required to follow the requirements of the most current catalog when they return.