Common Health Questions

 “When I feel sick……” FAQ’s

  • Can I be seen at the Student Health Center?
    YES! ALL enrolled students, regardless of your insurance status, can use the Health Center.

  • What do I do if I get sick?
    Call the Student Health Center for an appointment or drop by to pick up FREE over the counter meds.

  • How does the Health Center work?
    The Health Center works a lot like your own doctor’s office. We have prescheduled appointments for physicals and chronic illness and same day appointments for acute illness. Same day appointments are available daily. You can usually be seen within 1-2 days at the Health Center, but if our schedule is full, we provide off campus options for you.

  • Do I need to bring money to the Student Health Center?
    Yes. There are no fees for office visits, but medications and lab work are provided at reduced costs.  Payment is required at the time of your visit. Cash, check, or debit/credit cards are accepted. The Health Center cannot charge a student’s account for Health Center expenses.

  • Can I use my insurance at the Health Center?
    The Health Center does not provide insurance billing. We accept cash, check or debit/credit card and will provide you with an itemized receipt.

  • Can I get help after hours at the Health Center?
    Yes! There is an EMT on duty every evening Monday – Friday who is available for emergencies and to allow access to free self-help medicine.

  • What should I do on the weekend when the Health Center is closed?
    Over-the-counter medications are available at the Health Center on Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings.  For more urgent needs, see a list of local urgent care facilities.
    Life threatening emergencies can be handled through Campus Safety by dialing ‘0’ or ‘5111’.

Important Note: Know your HMO or PPO service area and determine how you will access health care in the event of an emergency or need for specialized care.  Communicate with your insurance company to arrange for a provider in the La Mirada area.

Entrance Physical Exam FAQ’s

  • When is my Entrance Physical due?
    August 1st is the deadline. If you are unable to meet that date, get the exam done by the time you come to campus in August.

  • What if I get to campus and I still have not turned in my Entrance Physical form?
    Just bring your completed form to the Student Health Center within the first week of school.

  • Where can I get the Entrance Physical form?
    Entrance Physical form is available online.

  • Can I get my Entrance Physical done at the Health Center?
    Yes. Just call the Health Center to schedule your appointment.

  • I got a yellow card in the mail—what do I do?
    When we receive your completed Entrance Physical exam, a nurse reviews it. If any information is missing, we send a yellow card to notify you. You can mail or fax the requested information to the Health Center.

  • Do I need to get all of the immunizations listed on the Entrance Physical form?
    Yes, all immunizations listed are required. The majority are childhood immunizations that you have already received. Check with your parents or your doctor for a record of the dates your immunizations were given. For immunizations applied in a series (Hep A/B), the requirement is the first injection. 

  • Can I get immunizations at the Health Center?
    Yes. Just call the Health Center to make an appointment and check our prices. If your insurance pays for immunizations, you may want to get them before you come to campus.

Insurance FAQ’s

  • How do I know if I need the Student Health insurance?
    Biola requires that you have a health insurance plan. You can choose to have your own insurance or you can sign up for student insurance when you register. Review the insurance brochure mailed to you or review the insurance information online. If you decide to use your own insurance you will be asked to provide basic information when you complete registration. Please be prepared to supply insurance information when you sign on to WebReg.

  • What if I was charged for school insurance?
    Your initial student account statement will show a student insurance charge. This is only an estimate of charges and will not be charged to your account if you provide proof of your own health insurance.