Submitting Assignments - for Students

This document describes how to submit homework assignments on Blackboard. If you intend to print this page, you may want to use this 2-page printer-friendly PDF version of this page.

Find the Assignment

Start by logging in to Blackboard (see instructions), then click on the link for your class. Next, find the assignment by using the buttons or folders along the left-hand menu. Your instructor might have placed the assignment in a folder called "Assignments".

You will find a link that looks like one of these:

sa view complete

Click on the View/Complete link.

Upload Your Document

The next page shows some instructions and has a Browse button:

sa Assignment materials

Click on the Browse button, locate the file you want to upload, and click Open. In the Comments section, you can leave a note for the person who will be grading your assignment, if you need to explain something.

Also, SafeAssign will ask whether you agree to let your paper be used to detect plagiarism:

sa global reference

Next, click the Submit button:

sa dont forget

Then wait for your assignment to be graded. After a few days when it's graded, you can go back to the "View/Complete" link to see your grade and see if there are any comments from the instructor or grader.

File Types

If your instructor has chosen to connect the assignment to the SafeAssign system, you will see a note about file types:

sa note file type

If you don't have Microsoft Word, save your file as RTF. Every word processor has this option - just choose Save As... and set the file type to be RTF. If you have the newer version of Word (Office 2007, file type .docx), you will need to save it in an older format until the SafeAssign system is upgraded to be able to handle this.

Note: Blackboard has trouble with some special characters, so avoid "#", "?", and commas in the filename. Also, try to keep it under 30 characters. If you use a Macintosh and the file does not have a three-letter "extension", it would be helpful to your instructor to add one. For example, add ".doc" on the end of Word documents, ".pdf" on the end of PDF documents, and ".xls" on the end of Excel files.

Trouble Uploading?

If you have trouble uploading your document, here are a couple of things to try:

  • Log out, log in and try again. Sometimes the SafeAssign server gets overloaded.
  • If that doesn't work, try a different browser (like Firefox).
  • Sometimes newer operating systems don't work - try a different computer, or use the computers in the computer lab or library basement.
  • If you already completed the assignment by uploading a file, you cannot take it back. You will need to ask your instructor or the T.A. to do "Clear Attempt" if you need to submit a different version.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Blackboard Administrator.

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