Blackboard Classes, Sections, and Enrollments

This document describes how to enrollment works on Blackboard, and how to manage multiple classes and sections.

My Courses View

When you first log in to Blackboard, you will see the "My Biola" page. You can customize what appears on that page by clicking "Modify Content", and how it appears using "Modify Layout". Your page might look something like this:

My Biola View

Use the little pencil icon to the right of the words "My Courses" to edit which courses appear in that list. I recommend turning off all the classes you're not regularly using, to keep the list small, which makes it easier to use. The customize screen looks like this:

customize my courses

Uncheck all the boxes except for the "Display Course Name" boxes next to the courses you regularly use. As the instructor for a course, you're the one writing the announcements, so you probably don't need to display them in this view. Students might want to leave that box checked.

Making Courses "Unavailable"

Sometimes, you'll want to make a class unavailable. This means students will have no access to the course. It doesn't delete the course, and you will still have access. Here's how: Go to the course, click "Control Panel", then "Settings" then "Course Availability" then "No", then "Submit"

Course Availability

Why would you do this? To make the course invisible while you're working on it before the semester ends. To turn off past semesters' classes that are no longer in use. To turn off sections of classes not used.

While the class is "unavailable", the instructor will still be able to access it, and it's easy to turn back on.

Mulitple Sections / Crosslisted Classes

If you have multiple sections of the same class, or if students sign up for a single class with different course numbers that are cross listed, you will end up with more than one Blackboard class. Rather than duplicate your work across several classes, you may want to consolidate all of your students into one of the classes, and just use that one.

To do this, just contact the Blackboard Administrator. Or, if you want to try it on your own: first, choose which class on Blackboard you'll use, then add all of the students from the other sections into that class (see the Managing Users section of the Blackboard Basics document), then make the other sections "unavailable" (described above). Unfortunately, you will have to add each student one at a time, which is okay for small sections. The Blackboard Administrator can do all of the students at once for you. Also, if you consolidate your class/sections like this, remember that students who add the class during the first couple weeks will not be automatically added to your Blackboard class, so you may have to add a couple students yourself.

E-Grading. Once you have combined all your students into one class, you will no longer be able to tell in Blackboard what section they are in. So when you do E-Grading on the Biola Portal, just remember to import all of your grades for all of the students into each section or class. The E-Grading system will just ignore the grades for the students that aren't in that section (and give you an "Invalid ID" error which you can ignore):

Grades Submitted

Class with Mulitple Instructors and/or TA's

Some classes are taught by multiple instructors, or have mulitple TA's. If that is the case, the person listed as Instructor for the Blackboard class can enroll other people as TA's or Instructors. To do this, follow the Adding a TA section of the Blackboard Basics document, and choose "instructor" or "TA" as the role for the new user.


During registration and during the first few weeks of the semester, students automatically get enrolled in your Blackboard class as they add the class. This happens at least once per day. So normally, you will not have to change the list of “users” of your class. However, if someone adds the class after the offical "Last Day to Add", you may need to enroll them yourself.

Students are not automatically enrolled during Summer School and Interterm terms. If you plan to use Blackboard then, contact the Blackboard Administrator or enroll them yourself.

Students are not automatically dropped from Blackboard when they drop your class. I recommend just leaving them in your roster. The E-Grading system will ignore any extras. However, if you want to remove those people from your roster, just go to "Control Panel" then "Remove Users from Course", then enter the student's name, or do "List All" to choose from a list.

Questions? Need Help?

Feel free to contact the Blackboard Administrator, or see more Blackboard documentation on the CLEAR Blackboard Resources site.