Posting Content

This document describes how instructors and teachers' assistants can post content and links to web sites. You can post any kind of content - articles, your syllabus, instructions, audio, video, etc.. (See Posting Articles for additional information on posting copyrighted materials.)

Go to a Folder

First, you need to choose which folder (menu item link) will contain the document you're posting. Every class has a few default folders set up automatically, like "Course Documents", "Course Information", and "External Links". Or you can create your own names. See documentation on Changing Menu Items.

Navigate to the folder using the left menu, then click the "Edit View" link near the right:

Or, you can go to the Control Panel, then click on the name of the folder:

content area

Add Item

Either way, you will end up with the edit view of the folder, with a list of icons across the top, that looks like this:

edit view

The first, the + Item link allows you to add a document to this folder. Use + Folder to create sub folders, or a whole hierarchy of folders to organize documents. The + External Link icon creates a link to an external web page anywhere on the internet.

To add an item, click + Item. The first part of the next page asks for some information about the content:

add item 1

Choose a descriptive Name, like "Syllabus", "Chapter 3 Study Notes", "Lecture Powerpoint Sept 17". You can also organize or highlight by choosing colors. The optional Text section gives you a place for a lengthier description. Some files, like "Syllabus" are self-explanatory, and don't need any additional description.

add item 2

Section 2 asks for the file you want to upload from your computer to Blackboard. If you want it to appear on Blackboard with a different name, you can enter the name. For example, it might be called "BUSN 453 Syll-F2007-vers3b.doc" on your computer and you could enter a simpler name like "Syllabus.doc".

Note: Blackboard has trouble with some special characters, so avoid "#", "?", and commas in the filename. Also, try to keep it under 30 characters. If you use a Macintosh and the file does not have a three-letter "extension", it would be helpful to your students using Windows to add one. For example, add ".doc" on the end of Word documents, ".pdf" on the end of PDF documents, and ".xls" on the end of Excel files.

Normally, you leave the Special Action as the default "Create a link to this file". Use "Display media file within the page" if that's what you want to do. Use "Unpackage this file" if you're uploading a ZIP file with a whole web page. Blackboard will ask you for an "entry point", which is usually the HTML file.

Next, you can choose time and date restrictions:

add item 3

You'll usually leave section 3 Options alone, and just click Submit to upload your file. You can use the content availability and time/date restrictions to control when your students can view this content. For example, you may want certain readings available during certain weeks.

Adding an External Link

You can add a link to an external web page. It works the same as described above, except that there's a place to type a URL, which just means an internet web page address. Be sure to add the whole address, including the http://.

add external link

When students click on this link, the external web page will appear within the Blackboard site. For example:

external page

Changing Posted Documents

After you upload documents, you can edit or reorder them:

documents reorder

Use the numbers to reorder, or the buttons to modify (change name &description), manage (advanced choices, like statistics tracking), copy (to another course), or remove.

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