Using Google Docs for Group Projects

Your instructor may ask you to work on a project together as a group. This page describes how to do that using Google Docs.

Get a Google Account. Although it's not strictly necessary, it will probably be easier if everyone has one. And the person starting the document has to have a Google Account. You have one waiting for you: during 2010, Biola is transitioning everyone from a BUBBS account to a Google Account for your email. Read about it here. All new Fall 2010 freshmen will only have a Google Account, not a BUBBS account.

Upload or Start a New Document. You'll either create a brand new blank document or upload an existing document (for example, if your professor has given you a template to start with). In either case, log in to Google Docs with one of these links:

We recommend creating a folder for the group, then sharing that folder. That way, if you have more than one document, you don't have to explicitly share each document with all the group members - just put the documents in the shared folder. Go to the Create new menu and choose Folder.

Create Folder

Then under the Share menu, choose Invite people... See Google's detailed instructions on this process.

To get started with a document, click Create New or Upload.

Upload Doc

See Google's detailed instructions on uploading documents.

Inviting Group Members. To share a document or folder with others in your group, you will need to type in each of your group member's email addresses. Once you invite them, they can check their email for a link to the folder or document. Your professors may also want your group to add them to the folder so they can view it. To share an individual document, choose Share then Invite people... then To edit. See Google's detailed instructions on Adding Editors to your document.

For more help on using Google Docs, take a look at Google's Docs Help. The articles are generally well-written and helpful.