Blackboard 9 - Listing, Adding and Removing Users

To see a list of students in a course, or to edit this list, start by going to the course from the list in "My Courses." In the Control Panel, choose Users and Groups then Users. This displays the list of users in your class.

Note: The list of students in your Blackboard class is not the official roster. For your official roster, you need to use my.Biola.

control users

Search Users

You can search by Username (their Biola ID number) or Last Name.

Search 1

Search 3

Removing Users

To remove a user from a course, go to the course then search for the person as described above. Check the box next to their name, then click Remove Users from Course.

Remove User

Adding Users

To add a user (student, T.A., or another instructor) to a course, go to the course and click on the Users section of the Control Panel (see above). Click on the blue Enroll User button first. (Don't click the "Go" button, that just searches existing users).

Add Users Search

Type in the person's Biola ID number if you know it, or if you don't, click the Browse button to search by name. Choose a Role of Student, Instructor or Teaching Assistant, then click the blue Submit button. Users with the role of Teaching Assistant can do everything a Instructor can except copy between courses.

During registration and during the first few weeks of the semester, students automatically get enrolled in your Blackboard class as they add the class. This happens every morning, once per day. So normally, you will not need to add students to your class. However, students do not automaticlly get dropped from the list in Blackboard. See my.Biola for an official, up-to-date roster.