For Students: Submitting Assignments

This document tells you how to upload a document to a Blackboard class if your instructor has set up the Assignments or SafeAssignments feature.

To get started, find the assignment link and click the title, directly to the right of an icon like this:

Assignment Link

The location of this assignment link varies by class - your instructor should let you know where this is.

If your instructor has chosen to use the SafeAssignment feature, the link will look a little different. It will look like this:

SA Link

If the link looks like that, click the "View/Complete" link, then see the Uploading a SafeAssignment, below.

Uploading an Assignment

On the next page, you'll see the instructions for this specific assignment and an area called Assignment Materials. This is where you submit the assignment

Assignment Materials

Uploading a document requires several steps, your instructor will not get your file until you've done all of these:

  1. Click "Browse My Computer " button
  2. Find the file in the dialog box and click "Open"
  3. Click "Submit"

After you've done steps 1 and 2, this is what the page looks like:

Submit Step 2

You can rename the file by typing a new name in the blank "Link Title" box. You can then click the "Browse My Computer " button again, if you have more than one file to submit. Click the blue Submit button to send your assignment.

Uploading a SafeAssignment

After you click the "View/Complete" link, you'll see a page where you can upload your assignment. Section 1 repeats the assignment instructions. Section 2 looks like this:

SA Upload Files

Click on the Browse button to locate your file on your computer. As the instructions say, there are only a few types of documents the SafeAssign system accepts.

The next section asks whether you agree to let Blackboard keep your paper so that it can check future students' assignments against your paper. We recommend checking the box.

SA Database

Finally, click the blue Submit button.

File Names and Types

Blackboard has trouble with some special characters, so avoid using the characters # / ? < > \ : * | andin the filename. If you use a Macintosh and the file does not have a three-letter "extension," it would be helpful to your instructor to add one. For example, add ".doc" on the end of Word documents, ".pdf" on the end of PDF documents, and ".xls" on the end of Excel files.

If you're using a word processor other than Microsoft Word, save your file as RTF. Every word processor has this option - just choose Save As... and set the file type to be RTF.

Trouble Uploading?

If you have trouble uploading your document, here are a couple of things to try:

  • Log out, log in and try again. Sometimes the server gets overloaded.
  • Try a different browser (like Firefox)
  • Try a different computer.
  • If you already completed the assignment and clicked "Submit" previously, you might not be able to submit it a second time. You will need to ask your instructor or the T.A. to do "Clear Attempt" or to allow multiple attempts if you need to submit a different version, or if you forgot an attachment.

Your Grade

Note: When you submit an assignment on Blackboard, you may notice that your Running Weighted Total in My Grades goes down. That's because before you submitted the assignment, it was not factored in to your current grade. After you submit the assignment, Blackboard begins factoring that assignment into your total grade, but before it has been graded, it counts it as a zero.

So your "Running Weighted Total" may be inaccurate between the time you submit the assignment and when a score is entered by your professor.